Payment processing solutions

Manage payments in and out with Sage payment systems.

Payment processing solutions

Manage payments in and out with Sage payment systems.

Payment processing solutions

Manage payments in and out with Sage payment systems.

Payment processing solutions that save time and money

Future-proof technology delivering multiple payment options for your business. 

The payments landscape is changing all the time. New technology is offering customers more choice in how to pay, whether they prefer to buy online or offline. At the same time, payment security is more important than ever before and a crucial part of retaining your customers’ trust and confidence. Sage works with every business type and offers a full suite of payment solutions to fit your needs.

Multiple payment methods

With multiple payment methods and secure processing software, businesses can offer customers maximum convenience and choice and guarantee smooth transactions.

  1. In-store terminals.
    Countertop terminals allow your customers to pay by debit, credit, and chip card in-store. Not all terminals offer the same range of security features. Some give you and your customers better protection from fraud than others. EMV® compliant terminals can help to reduce the risk of card fraud.
    With Sage, you can accept a variety of credit and debit cards (including Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, Diners Club®, JCB, Debit/ATM, and private label cards) in your store, online, or on the go.
  2. Online
    By offering the ability to pay online, your business can cater to a growing e-commerce demographic and stay ahead of your competitors. Online payment solutions allow your customers to pay using their cards, via ACH or through online wallet like Paypal, Amazon Pay, and Google Wallet.    

Payment processing security

Ensuring data security is vital in building a trusting relationship with clients and customers—and your business has obligations to ensure that measures are in place to prevent fraud.

EMV fast and secure payment processing

Protect your customers and your business by adopting the secure chip technology when accepting credits or you may be at risk of being liable for fraudulent activity.

What is EMV?

During a payment transaction, the embedded microchip communicates with the EMV-enabled terminal to complete the transaction.  EMV credit and debit cards have secure microchips and offer a new level of security.

PCI (Payment Card Industry)

Businesses that process credit card payments are responsible for adhering to PCI regulations. If you don’t, you could be fined.  This means that our products stick to industry best practice, enabling a secure network, protecting cardholder data, and monitoring quality, among other things.

Integrate your payments

Integrated payments mean better cash flow and less human error. Payment Center is unique to Sage 50 and Sage 100 accounting software. It can help you get paid faster, provides real-time cash flow visibility, and simplifies your back office.

  • Easily create professional invoices that reflect your brand.
  • Quickly review invoice statuses including sent, received, unpaid, and overdue payments—plus send reminders.
  • Let customers pay how they want—credit card and ACH automatically reconcile with your Sage software.


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Payment processing solutions that work for you
Pay clients and staff, get paid, and manage your money with secure payment systems. Keep customers and attract new ones by accepting all the ways they want to pay—in-store, online, and using mobile devices, with versatile credit card payment services.
Spend less time on admin
Reduce errors and save time with payments connected directly to your Sage accounting and payroll software. Spend more time on what matters—your customers.
Secure and PCI compliant
Compliant to security standards set out by the PCI, to protect you, your clients, and customers.