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Simplify ACA compliance with ACA Comply

Our ACA reporting software solution is designed to use your payroll data through integration with Sage Payroll Services. With built-in tools to manage health plan coverage information and keep you in line with ACA reporting requirements, you’ll have everything you need to comply.

File with ease

With ACA Comply, your forms will be filed for you electronically. Our team will also print and distribute 1095-c copies on your behalf (additional fees apply). Easy access to electronic copies is built into our ACA reporting solution.

Full-time equivalent employee calculator

Using data from our payroll system, automatically calculate the number of full-time equivalent employees (FTEs) to determine your status as an applicable large employer (ALE). 

Get started quickly

Although much of the data is imported from your payroll system, simple setup screens with video instruction make it easy to enter missing information about your company’s employees, benefits, and healthcare plans, so you can use ACA Comply to fulfill ACA reporting requirements. 

Employee summary information at a glance

Show a summary of ongoing hourly, salaried, and variable-hour employees with and without healthcare coverage, including the measurement periods, administrative periods, and stability periods.


All you need to know about the Affordable Care Act for employers is available under our resource center. Here, you’ll find step-by-step instructions, important regulatory information, and essential ACA reporting requirements.

What do the Affordable Care Act employer requirements mean for your company?

Your company’s ACA reporting requirements, along with deadlines for compliance with the new law, are established by your company’s status as an applicable large employer (ALE) which is determined by the number of average full-time equivalent (FTE) employees for the prior year.

Manage your ACA responsibilities

ACA Comply includes the functionality needed to document your ACA compliance, minimize tax liability, avoid potential penalties, and comply with reporting requirements.

Simplify ACA reporting requirements in the ACA dashboard

The ACA reporting software dashboard is an easy to use, sophisticated tool to help manage compliance with the affordable care act for employers.

Download this guide to getting started with the ACA compliance dashboard. It will help you decide if the ACA comply dashboard is right for what your company needs in ACA reporting software.

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