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Put yourself in control

By selecting the right HR solution to suit your business needs, you put yourself in the driving seat of HR.

Control your biggest expense

Gain complete control over your payroll process and sensitive data. Sage HRMS Payroll is your in-house solution for producing accurate, timely payroll.

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Find and hire the best talent

Nothing is as expensive as hiring the wrong employee, the wrong employee, from a revenue, time, and reputational perspective. The Sage HRMS Recruiting and Onboarding solution automates and streamlines the entire recruiting, hiring, and onboarding process, and lets new hires use self-service tools to help them feel part of the business quickly and easily.

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Manage time and attendance

Our time and attendance management solutions integrate with Sage HRMS to automate timekeeping and scheduling tasks.

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Tackle employee benefits

Employee benefits management is already tedious and paper-intensive.

Declare paper freedom

Saving time, cutting costs, going green and improving efficiencies are the impressive benefits of moving your HR management to a paperless HR solution from Sage HRMS.

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Get the best from your employees

Engaged employees work harder for the company and produce better results. The Sage HRMS Talent Management solution includes performance management, training, and other modules that help you develop and retain your talent by utilizing and managing their skills. Plus it motivates your people—which shows up in company performance.

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Make better choices

Data is everything and informed people make better,  more effective decisions. HR has evolved to become a strategic partner in today's companies. The Sage HRMS Decision Support solution delivers the tools to support better decision-making.

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