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Easy-to-use expense tracking software

Simplify and automate your small business expense tracking with Sage Accounting.

Connect your bank to monitor your expenses automatically

Save time by connecting your bank with Sage Accounting to sync and monitor your expense transactions. Set up custom alerts and notifications when a bill is due.

Automatically import expense receipts, bills, and invoices

Snap and capture receipts and bills with your mobile device and automatically import the expense data into Sage Accounting. Save time and improve data entry accuracy.

Manage stock levels to stay on top of expenses

Manage your inventory and expenses in a single place. Control stock levels with custom alerts to plan ahead for supply expenses, and keep your most important products in stock.

E-book: A guide to small business finances

As you plan for one year, five years, or even a decade from now, it is important to keep up with your finances. Our guide can help you learn how to better understand your finances. 

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Expense tracking software FAQs

Expense management software is a program that  simplifies and automates expense entry data. It helps to digitize receipts, streamline and automate expense categorizations, and reduces admin to save time. Sage Accounting is an accounting solution that includes expense tracking functions.
Business expenses are the costs of running your business day-to-day. On your income statement, your business expenses are subtracted from your revenue. What’s left is your net taxable income.

Business owners and accountants can track expenses using different automated methods:

  • Digitize all your receipts with a receipt scanner.  Sage offers AutoEntry with no more manual data entry of invoices, receipts, bills, or statements.
  • Use accounting software to categorize and keep your expenses all in one place.
  • Have a dedicated business bank account and card.
  • Connect your bank account to your accounting software to automatically import transactions.