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Interactive Visual Explorer

Transform your business strategy and make strategic, data-driven decisions with interactive, visual insights into your financials.

Interactive Visual Explorer 26 (100.00%) In Progress Project Status 26 Projects Count by Project Status Projects Count by Location -- 100 -- USA 1 100 -- USA 2 400 -- Canada 500 -- UK 600 -- Australia 700 -- South Africa 26 Projects Count by Project Manager 1005 -- Franco, Ryan 1005 -- Reyes, Christian 1005 -- Penny, Emma 1005 --Klein, Tom 1005 -- Singh, Sanjay 1005 -- Torres, Dario 1005 --Haines, Annika 26 Project Managers to Projects ratio by Location A B C D E F G 0.00 0.20 0.40 0.60 0.80 1.00 Projects Count, Budgeted Billing Amount by Customer A B C D E F G H 0 1 2 3

Internal controls highlights

Interactively explore your data using multi-angle, multi-dimensional analysis to gain visibility into your business.
Help your stakeholders understand insights at-a-glance with 25+ data visualization types to choose from to best tell your story.
Look to the future with predictive analytic insights.
Turn insights into action with visual storytelling and narration.
Get up and running with no IT resources, big implementation costs, or server maintenance.
Speed time to insights with 200+ prebuilt visualizations to use as-is or as a head start on your own.
Actual amount by year, month Actual amount Forecast (95%, prediction interval) Year, month $147.03M $21.66M $62.83M $32.5M $35.03M $45.03M $64.10M $106.60 $162.17M $115.69 $53.78M $57.13M $106.76M $152.43M $166.32M $254.54M $142.40

Get instant insights and predictions with interactive data visualizations

With Sage Intacct Interactive Visual Explorer, you can analyze your financial data visually across multiple business dimensions to quickly digest information.

  • Explore your information for deeper understanding on-the-fly.
  • Instantly spot trends and patterns, identify outliers, see into the future, and more.
  • Quickly understand and respond to problems and opportunities.

Turn your insights into action with visual storytelling and narration

Choose from over 25 data visualization types and sequence visuals.

  • Tailor and select the visuals that tell your story the best to inspire confidence in decision-making.
  • Enhance your reviewer and decision-maker’s understanding of your story and recommended actions with narration.
  • Share insights in an instant with native Sage Intacct Dashboards or by auto-generation of slides, spreadsheets, or export files for your stakeholders.
CYtD Item Sales Analysis Sales amount CYtD, Sales amount PYtD by Item Sales amount CYtD, Sales Amount PYtD Bottom 10 sales amount CYtD The UCME 4K 8MP campaign had a singnificant impact on sales $836K $836K $836K $836K $836K $836K $836K $836K $836K $836K $836K $836K $836K $836K
Overview Detail Analysis Detail Analysis vertical Budget per Account Radar Budget per Location Overview Budget Overview and Prediction Actual amount [GL... Budget amount [GL... Actual to Budget Actual vs Budget % Actuals vs Budget $200.00K$150.00K $100.00K $50.00K $0.00 -$50.00K 161.33% 129.07% 96.80% 64.53% 32.27% 0.00% Actual amount [GL budget & GL entry] Budget amount [GL budget 7 GL entry], Actual to Budget Actual vs Budget % 2023, Jan 70.58% 148.19% 147.99% 148.37% 148.19% 148.44% 49.45% 49.40% 49.39% 49.42% 2023, Feb 2023, Mar 2023, Apr 2023, May 2023, Jun 2023, Jul 2023, Aug 2023, Sep 2023, Oct 2023, Nov 2023, Dec Year, Month Year 2023 Location 110 -- San Francisco Department 310 -- HR Forecast (95% Predi... Actuals Prediction $200.00K $160.00K $120.00K $80.00K $40.00K $0.00 161.33% 129.07% 96.80% 64.53% 32.27% 0.00% Actual amount [GL budget & GL entry] Actual vs Budget % 2022, Jan 2022, Feb 2022, Mar 2022, Apr 2022, May 2022, Jun 2022, Jul 2022, Aug 2022, Sep 2022, Oct 2022, Nov 2022, Dec 2023, Jan 2023, Feb 2023, Mar Year, Month Year 2023 Location 110 -- San Francisco Department 310 -- HR GL Budget vs Actuals Analysis Demo

Get up and running in an instant with plug-and-play analytics

With Interactive Visual Explorer you don’t need your IT department, a costly implementation, or ongoing server maintenance.

  • Get insights right away with over 200+ prebuilt, interactive visuals.
  • Easily modify the prebuilt visuals using hierarchical field selection, drag and drop, and multiple views to get the exact data you need.
  • Be confident in the accuracy and security of your data with native analytics built on transactional data and use of the same permissions you’ve already set up in Sage Intacct.

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Leanne Malsbury

Associate Director of Finance, Halloran

We use Sage Intacct Interactive Visual Explorer to manage project resources and utilization as well as to compare budgets. It’s very intuitive. We love that we can quickly navigate between projects and customize graphs on the fly. It replaces Excel for us--it's more accurate, easier to analyze the information, and more collaborative. We can make more strategic business decisions because we're able to focus on the strategy vs. gathering the data.

Visual accounting software FAQs

Interactive Visual Explorer stands out against most other financial vendor analytics solutions in two major ways:

  1. The level of interactivity in this visual analytics tool enables true exploration and discovery of your data. Let’s say you’re in a meeting with stakeholders and they have questions: What is the revenue by channel? Can we look at that information by region? How does that impact revenue in 6 months? You can change your focus on-the-fly and have the answers in seconds in visual dashboards. You don’t have to say, “Let me go back and change my reports, and I’ll get back to you tomorrow.” Your decision-making is more agile with the answers you need right away.
  2. With 25+ visualization types, the sophistication of visuals goes well beyond basic charts and graphs. With narration, you can enhance the story the information conveys and make recommendations. With more options in a visual explorer to enhance your stakeholders' understanding of the information, you can move on to discussing solutions and actions.

Standalone business intelligence (BI) solutions are great for analyzing data from multiple solutions across your company. But they’re typically expensive to implement, need in-depth training to use, and require ongoing maintenance. So, if you don’t already have a BI solution, Interactive Visual Explorer is a quick, easy, and inexpensive option for your financial analysis. However, even if you do already have a BI solution in place, there are reasons you may still want to consider Interactive Visual Explorer:

  • Total cost of ownership – When you factor in license costs of data extraction middleware, business intelligence license costs, server hardware and software, and custom development to get up and running, Interactive Visual Explorer is significantly less expensive than a typical BI solution.
  • Skillsets of your analytics users – Interactive Visual Explorer is easier to use than most BI tools because the data structures are already prebuilt and ready to use based on your Sage Intacct data. Additionally, with over 200+ prebuilt visualizations, it’s easy to use and modify existing visualizations to create your own.
  • Accessibility – Interactive Visual Explorer visualizations can be included in your Sage Intacct dashboards and combined with your existing reports and performance cards for easy access and sharing of content.
Yes, most analytics solutions are expensive to setup and maintain. But, with Interactive Visual Explorer, we’ve done the heavy lifting that makes those other solutions so expensive. You don’t need to worry about extracting data, setting up data structures, maintaining servers, or maintaining security and permissions. These activities can run in the tens of thousands of dollars to set up and thousands to maintain ongoing each year. Then add license costs on top of that. In contrast, Interactive Visual Explorer has no implementation or maintenance costs and is offered at a subscription cost that’s not only significantly less expensive, but also affordable to most small to medium businesses.

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