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Cloud financial management built on over 50 years of experience in construction

Sage Intacct for Construction provides an integrated solution for pre-construction, finance, and operations, paired with the largest partner network in the industry.

Get real-time visibility and insights, native cloud technology with integrations to any common construction software, and an AICPA preferred solution.

12/30/2021 Projects Project Overview Projects LaQuinta - Houston Construction LaQuinta - Austin Contract Budget / Estimate Total Billings Total Cost Gross Profit ... 1,434,830.00 1,650,056.00 3,439,677.69 1,441,883.00 1,898,221.20 1,064,647.89 821,126.53 478,170.58 1,077,095 586,477 ... ... All Projects Projects Fullerton Warehouse - Houston Plano County Court House Contract Budget / Estimate Total Billings Total Cost Gross Profit ... 3,181,070.05 3,527,008.00 2,873,448.62 3,250,861.62 1,130,736.36 463,931.50 1,094,780.75 1,169,456.01 35,956 705,525 ... ... Clear Total Billings / Draws $0 inception to date Jobs 55 inception to date Project Margin $53,235 inception to date

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Powerful, automated contractor accounting software

Automate complex processes like cash management, AP/AR, order management, and more and slash close time by 50%.
Vancouver Montreal New York London Net income by Location Revenue by item 100k 80k 90,935.00 0.00 90,035.50 (90,108.00) 0.00 (4,586.00) 20,586.00 Cash Flow Detail by Entity Vancouver 03/06/2022 Montreal 03/06/2022 Operations Net income Item not requiring cash - Current Period Total Operations for Cash Flow Changes in Cash from Operating Activities Accounts Receivable Inventory Other Assets Accounts Payable 178,075.00 0.00 178,075.00 (193,000.00) 0.00 4,589.00 13,905.00 Daily View As of today All locations CFO Cash and Cash Equivalent $14,775K +147,923 vs. prior month Revenue $224,407 +49,934 vs. prior month Net Income $131,788 +39,840 vs. prior month Expenses $20,524 -8,000 vs. prior month
Turn data into insights and reach peak performance with rich, flexible, and accurate financial reports and customizable dashboards.
Income Statement AP Analysis Customer Aging Maine Florida California Texas Revenue by Entity Controller Dashboard Cash on Hand $5,086,913 Revenue YTD $1,015,540 Cost of Sales $32,868 Gross Profit $982,671 Net Income YTD $815,481
Easily integrate with best-in-class solutions or create unique solutions perfect for your individual needs at speed with built-in tools.
Map Map Name Conversion Map: Map Map Name Map Royalty Fields to Royalty Summation Fields 4 - Sales Invoices Details End Date Royalty Royalty Summation Start Date Workflow Process Workflow Status Royalty Fields Royalty Summation Fields Contant or Expression Platform Services Objects Map Not mapped Current Date Source Object Not mapped Current Date Constant or Expression Default Constant or Expression Created

Advanced contractor accounting and billing software features

Sage Intacct Construction features and flexible add-on modules are perfect for construction and real estate businesses to further automate and streamline complex processes.

Spend management

Streamline business purchasing and payables processes that are within corporate budgets.

Project costing and billing

Manage projects and profitability by tracking project costs, expediting time-and-expense processes, and accelerating project billing.

Why general, independent, and subcontractors choose Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct

Contractors and construction firms across the country rely on Sage Intacct Construction to:

Benefits of contractor billing software

  • Improve AP allocations and reduce invoicing process up to 40 hours per month.
  • Reduce manual data entry and save up to $100,000 in additional overhead as you scale.
  • Increase project profit by up to 10% with real time budget vs. actual project data.

Benefits of contractor accounting software

  • Automatically validate spend on submission or post each spend transaction against the budget and rules you set.
  • Choose whether to automatically deny a transaction that would exceed budget or allow it after issuing the user a warning.
  • Set the duration that spend management is enforced on transactions.
8.8 out of 10
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Debora Hester

Business Manager, GeoTechnologies Inc.

"Sage Intacct lets us drill into revenue and expenses for any project in real-time and ensures huge time savings to our finance teams. With this flexible way of looking at data, we're able to give senior 
management valuable business performance insight, rather than delivering outdated reports months later."

Geo Technologies Inc.

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Contractor accounting software FAQs

Sage is the #1 provider of construction financial management solutions according to the JBKnowledge Construction Technology Report and Sage Intacct Construction is the only financial management solution endorsed by the AICPA, an organization that is trusted by accounting leaders world-wide. Our true cloud solution can be tailored to meet the needs of small businesses and large complex organizations. Beyond our financial management excellence, Sage Intacct Construction integrates with the larger ecosystem of construction-specific solutions. In today’s environment of high-quality vendors, Sage Intacct Construction is the core financial system at the heart of a construction firm’s technology stack.

Sage Intacct Construction automates multi-entity financial consolidation activities including currency conversions, inter-entity transactions, local tax reporting, and more. Automating these tasks can eliminate manual effort so you can close the books faster and focus on more productive activity.

At the push of a button, get granular visibility with eliminations and currency impacts recorded as journal entries, and easily make post-consolidation adjustments. View inter-entity transactions together with the source entry as one journal entry transaction to improve traceability. Automate intercompany eliminations at the point of consolidation, and consolidate complex ownership structures such as minority and partial ownerships. With Sage Intacct, you can close the books faster and view interim summary figures at any time—your financial statements are ready when you are.

Sage Intacct Construction customers have shared benefits such as:

  • Reducing average month end close by 25-50%.
  • Enabling the Finance team to increase time spent on analysis and business strategy from 25% to 75%.
  • Consolidating multiple entities in seconds.
  • Improving efficiency with automated AP/AR processes providing 20-40% efficiency gains.
  • Transforming from being 80% manual to 80% strategic.
  • Improving gross margin by up to 20%.
  • Running real-time what-if scenario planning to reduce your cash forecast variance by up to 90%.
  • Improving cash-flow and visibility to get 100x return-on-invested capital.
  • Getting Budget-to-Actuals to the P/L leaders up to 50% faster.

Absolutely. With Sage Intacct Construction, you have the flexibility to choose the best product for your company. With our power of choice strategy, you pay for what you need, you keep the existing tools and systems that work well in your organization, and you integrate the systems to create the right workflows to support your business needs. Avoid the pitfalls of buying into a single-vendor suite, where you may not be getting the best solution, you are dependent on a single provider, and you risk vendor lock-in with a company that may require the purchase of more functionality than you really need.

As a best-in-class financial management solution, Sage Intacct allows you to customize the solution to fit the unique needs of your organization. We focus on delivering the best financial management solution for even the most demanding construction finance professionals. Our approach is to be the financial management solution that allows you to integrate best-of-breed construction operational solutions you are using today and may use in the future. In fact, over 75% of our customers have integrated Sage Intacct with at least two systems.

When it comes to financial reporting, automation, accuracy, and customization are key requirements for an effective solution. Sage Intacct Construction financial reporting excels at all three. By leveraging the dimensions of the general ledger, reports can be grouped and sorted to deliver data exactly the way you want to see it. When done right, financial reporting can provide the insight your teams need to go from burdened with administrative tasks, to focusing on strategic planning. Whether you’re creating multiple profits and loss reports or automating project reports for your project managers, Sage Intacct can handle all of your reporting needs.

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