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The #1 cloud fund accounting software for nonprofits

A core fund accounting solution with a dimensional general ledger and accounts payable automation, comprehensive grant tracking and billing, automated nonprofit revenue recognition, easy-to-use reporting and dashboards, and a rock-solid audit trail to champion your mission with data driven decisions.

Role Based Dashboard Revenue Sources Special Events Investment Income Donations Services Grants Memberships Statement of Revenue & Expenditures CFO As of today All locations Func. Exp with Budget v Actual with Commits Fundraising Expenses 5% Program Efficiency 72% Administrative Expenses 22% Fundraising Efficiency $0.18 Average Donation $194

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Features for all your finance and business management needs

Sage Intacct provides easy-to-create reports, dashboards, and visualizations that are ready in real-time.
Statement of Revenue & Expenditure Func. Exp with Budget v Actual with Commits Collaborative Compliance Decisions Karla Grace Comment Like Bill Sooner We’ve identified two vacant properties in that area. We could begin talks with property owners this week. CFO Role Based Dashboard Fundraising Expenses 5% Program Efficiency 72% Administrive Expenses 22% Fundraising Efficiency $0.18 Average Donation $194 Safe Communities Management & General Fundraising Task Forces Services Special Projects Revenue by Payor Mix
Automated, paperless workflows accelerate routine accounting and reporting tasks, saving you time to focus on accomplishing your organization’s mission.
Sales CFO Dashboard Assets 15,956K Expenses 20,542 Revenue 224,407 Net Income 131,788 Balance Sheet Dealt by Entity Assets California Month Ending 06/06/2022 New York Month Ending 06/06/2022 Current Assets Cash In Bank 1,606,798.81 306,404.78 Suntrust 0.00 0.00 Visa/MC/Discover 11,500.00 0.00 American Express 6,000.00 0.00 Petty Cash 69,874.85 18,000.00 Savings 6,132.00 16,132.00 Net Income by Location California Florida Texas New York Top level 10-Texas 20-Florida 30-New York 40-California Top Level
Utilize an open API to leverage key data from donor management, payroll, budgeting, CRMs like Salesforce, and many others.
Reseller Account Types General Order Entry Contact Object Field Mappings Sync Records for Unmapped Users Disabled Main Settings Intacct Synchronization Renewal Custom Mappings Add New Accounts to Intacct Disabled Sync Account / Contact First Enabled Sage Intacct Intacct Configuration
Push-button consolidations enable fast closings and real-time analytics—in minutes, not weeks—for maximum impact on your nonprofit’s performance.
Entities All Manage views Include inactive Advanced filters Clear all filters (1-4 of 4) Entity ID Open books from Entry Name Federal ID Edit 10 Toronto 10-000023 06/06/2022 Switch to Entity Delete View Edit 20 Montreal 10-000835 06/06/2022 Switch to Entity Delete View Edit 30 Calgary 10-522610 06/06/2022 Switch to Entity Delete View Edit 40 Vancouver 10-986270 06/06/2022 Switch to Entity Delete View Add Done Export Import Revenue by Entity Calgary Toronto Montreal Vancouver
Let Sage Intacct transform your nonprofit’s financial visibility.
Months of cash Months of cash and investments Months of estimated unrestricted liquid net assets Liquidity Cash Receivables Land, Buildings and Equipment (LBE) Investments & Other Asset Composition Payable Debt Defered Revenue Other Liabilities Liability Composition Unrestricted net assets Months of cash and investments Permanently restricted net assets Net Asset Composition My Balance Sheet Graphs Nonprofit Board Book

Flexible advanced functionality to automate and streamline key finance and accounting processes

Nonprofit revenue recognition

Intelligent, automated, and compliant revenue management.

Grant tracking and billing

Improve the delivery, reimbursement, reporting, and audit of your grant awards.

Spend management

Control spending, stay within budget, and ensure corporate budget compliance.

Sage Intacct Mateo

Make diocesan savings and loans management uncomplicated and effortless.

Fast close. Faster insights.

Download our nonprofit executive summary to find out how automation helps nonprofits reclaim more than 4x their working hours for mission-driven work.

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Sage Intacct for industry-specific nonprofits

Find a data-driven financial management solution with industry-specific functionality for your nonprofit.

Community development organizations

Modern financial management and accounting software for community improvement and capacity-building nonprofit organizations.

Human services organizations

Step up to the software solution that streamlines accounting and finance for human services organizations.

Educational nonprofit organizations

Maximize impact with the #1 cloud accounting software designed for education nonprofits.

International nonprofits and NGOs

Achieve a stronger global mission with the #1 cloud accounting software for international nonprofits and NGOs.

Faith-based organizations

The complete financial management and accounting solution for faith-based organizations of all denominations.

Membership organizations

The #1 cloud accounting software for data-driven member and association decision-makers.

Foundations and philanthropic organizations

Cloud accounting software for foundations and philanthropic charities.

Nonprofit healthcare organizations

The #1 cloud accounting software optimizing the financial health of your nonprofit health organization.

Government and public benefit organizations

The #1 cloud accounting software for data-driven government and public benefit organizations.

Resources for nonprofits

Explore the latest research, guides, and webinars on accounting and finance.
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Stacie Porter

Director of Finance, Grace Fellowship Church

As a nonprofit, we don't have the luxury of a large staff or IT budget. We found Intacct to be superior for its depth of functionality, support for fund accounting, and overall flexibility, and automation capabilities.

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Frequently asked questions

If you’re trying to master the unique challenges of fund accounting while trapped by the limitations of simple spreadsheets, it’s time to look at Sage Intacct. Only Sage Intacct fund accounting software gives you the clear, real-time visibility you need to efficiently and proactively pursue your organization’s mission and manage your growth, while reducing fund accounting process costs.

Sage Intacct fund accounting software helps nonprofits and fund administrators:

  • Easily manage and track funds and grants
  • Increase productivity by automating manual processes
  • Ensure appropriate stewardship of funds and donations
  • Deliver real-time reporting and visibility to stakeholders
  • Manage access and permissions to geographically dispersed employees and volunteers

From compliance reporting to generating outcome metrics and providing real-time visibility, Sage Intacct allows nonprofit organizations to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on what really matters achieving their mission. Sage Intacct's nonprofit accounting software features:

  • Strong core accounting: Our key core accounting features provide the foundation for your financials: a dimensional general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash management, order management, purchasing, and Sage Intacct Collaborate to communicate with your team in real-time.
  • Multi-entity and global consolidations: Push-button consolidations aggregate transactions in minutes across your nonprofit organization with multiple entities, currencies, grants and donors, and locations.
  • Fund accounting: Create separate closes for each revenue source along with a regular series of specific reports including the statement of activities, statements of financial position, statements of cash flow, and Form 990.
  • Reporting and dashboards: Gain real-time visibility into every aspect of your organization’s finances; whether you’re interested in which funds were used for each project, the performance of your organization by location or team, the expense tied to each volunteer or employee, or any other aspect unique to your organization.
  • Control and compliance: Reduce risk and cost with automated workflows, internal controls, and streamlined compliance using built-in nonprofit-specific reports and FASB and IRS-compliant financial statements.
  • Revenue recognition: Save time with automated revenue recognition by streamlining ASU 2018-08 and ASC 606 compliance.
  • Visibility and transparency: Benefit from increased insight for faster financial decision-making by combining financial and operational data in new ways.
  • Grant tracking and billing: Improve delivery, reimbursement, reporting, and audit of your grants with centralized and automated grant tracking and billing functionality.
  • True cloud technology with open API: Track metrics central to your organization's operations and programs by leveraging key data from donor management, payroll, budgeting, CRMs like Salesforce, and other existing or future systems important to your organization.
Nonprofits need accounting software that can track donations, distributions, and expenditures. They must provide reports that share the details of how and where their funds are spent and allocated. A nonprofit should also maintain a statement of financial position that reflects the available assets that can be used to support its mission. Nonprofits accounting software automates a number of tasks to save time and ensure full compliance.

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