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Sage Intacct Dimensions

Enable real-time reporting and produce up-to-the-minute financials with Sage Intacct Dimensions.

Profit and Loss - by Loaction Totall Current Assets 125,000.00 0.00 125,000.00 633,218.08 417,888.28 1,595,791.87 758,218.08 758,218.08 758,218.08 701,573.61 344,545.02 1,416,028.60 417,888.28 417,888.28 417,888.28 1,720,791.87 1,720,791.87 1,720,791.87 Revenue $8,675,295 +$4,726,810 vs prior quarter Profit Margin 22.61% +87.10 vs prior quarter Cash in Bank $19,817K +$3,333,450 vs prior quarter EBITDA $1,015,662 +$537,948 vs prior quarter Contracts Signed by Locations New York San Franciso Revenue Net Income (Loss) Profit & Loss - Actual vs Budget 12/30/2021 CFO Dashboard Clear General Admin Marketing Engineering Customer Support Technical Services Quality Assurance Professional Services Product Management Operations Support Sales Operating Expense by Department

“Dimensions in Sage Intacct allow us to track important metrics that we need to report to our stakeholders with the click of a button versus having to crunch a bunch of data.”

Jorge Fernandez
CFO, Casis

Title (H2 med) Revenue Cost of Revenue Gross Profit Operating Expenses 900,000.00 510,000.00 (390,000.00) 250,000.00 1,200,000.00 770,000.00 (430,000.00) 300,000.00 New York Month Ending O3/31/23 San Fransisco Month Ending O3/31/23 Profit and Loss - by Business Unit

Simplify your chart of accounts with Dimensions

Sage Intacct flexible chart of accounts dimensions reduce the need for hard-coded segment combinations, allowing you to focus on your business rather than your account numbers.

Dimensions let you track your business like never before

Sage Intacct dimensions of financial planning provide you with the flexibility to categorize transactions in ways that make sense for your business.

Title (H2 med) $0 $30,000 $24,000 $6,000 $12,000 $18,000 Plum SW and Implementation Parking Lot Improvement Pfizer Grant Southern by Design Hardware Installation Product / Services 3S Networks ICOD Labor Cost by Location by Project
Reporting areas AP Bills Attributes AP account Allocation Dimensions AP account label Entity Measures AP bill GL account Related Objects AP bill details

Streamline your reporting and save time

Dimensions helps you make better business decisions by providing faster access to critical insights.

  • When you create reports, use drop-down lists to filter and group your data by dimensions.
  • Go from a standard income statement to profitability by project or revenue by geography with a few clicks of the mouse. 

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Dimensions accounting software FAQs

Sage Intacct Dimensions is a feature for businesses with multiple services, products, or locations that allows you to organize, sort, and report company information. Dimensions accounting designates each business unit as its own independent dimension, so you can choose from a list of pre-set dimensions instead of dealing with thousands of entries. The list of dimensions includes location, department, project, customer, vendor, employee, item, and class. Plus, you can create custom dimensions unique to your business so you can track and report on your data in an efficient way.
Financial insights about business performance can be obtained by categorizing, labeling, or tagging transactions. With advanced reporting, users can organize their transactions according to pre-defined values that classify financial data by labeling and tagging it. Accounting dimensions lead to insights about business performance, which can be used for making decisions or recommending solutions to improve the business.
Most financial solutions use a hard-coded structure for your chart of accounts. For example, to track 3 locations, 5 departments, and 5 projects, you’d need 75 account code combinations—and you’d end up with a complicated, unmanageable set of codes. Adding a new location or department could potentially force you to add hundreds of additional accounts. Sage Intacct dimensions accounting software lets you keep it simple—you only need to set up your primary account codes. As your business changes, there’s no need to add hard-coded segment combinations.

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