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Subscription billing software

Tailor pricing models and billing schedules to fit your business with SaaS subscription management.

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Automation and productivity highlights

Reduce costs associated with manual billing.
Improve accuracy with flexible pricing models tied to terms and usage or subscriptions.
Streamline subscription billing with automatic renewals.
Roll out 300+ SaaS, Subscription, Usage, and Project Billing Scenarios, with ASC606/IFRS15 revenue recognition.

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Lisa Schulz

Corporate Controller, Jobvite

Through the automation we have in Sage Intacct, we're shifting our effort from focusing 80% of our time on manual, basic financial transactions to spending 80% analyzing the business to drive better business decisions. The powerful software allows us to work more efficiently and report financials in a more timely manner.

Frequently asked questions

Subscription based billing is when you pay an automated, recurring fee to a company for access to a product or service, instead of paying one large sum for access to the product. Recurring fees are billed at regular intervals (monthly, quarterly or yearly).

Cloud-based subscription billing ensures a steady revenue steam and is a simple way to make sure you get paid every time.

Hosting servers off-site for a cloud-based subscription billing service can help you reduce costs associated with hardware and maintenance, while it also reduces the need for an IT team to maintain hardware. Plus, cloud computing offers advanced security to help keep data secure. And if a data breach does occur, you can take comfort in the fact that disaster-recovery is quicker for cloud-based applications.

And with SaaS billing, your team can view accounts from any location, so they can quickly address billing problems, while your customers can see their payment history, outstanding balance, monthly usage and more, making it easy for them to make payments or change services.

A bill is a document that shows how much money you owe a business for buying or using a product or service. It has a one-time use and generally has an expiration date for payment. Subscription payments are repeated, often automated, transactions that are scheduled on a regular basis using recurring billing software.
Subscription payment processing is an automated payment solution that streamlines your subscription management and billing workflows thanks to a billing and subscription management platform. You automatically charge customer accounts for every billing cycle, and you can eliminate the need to send out invoices or reminders. This helps you focus on other business tasks.

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