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Digital Finance Transformation in Biotech

Biotech and life sciences companies operate on the cutting edge of science, but their finance teams often work with dated tools and processes. And there are challenges that come with that: it’s hard to integrate data from different systems, manual processes reduce operational efficiencies, and finance teams may not even have the budget to change something about it. As a result, it's clear that such teams will have a hard time focusing on their core business and steering it in the right direction.

We partnered up with Gatepoint Research and surveyed 100 finance executives across the Biotech and Life Sciences industry to find out how their teams prioritize needs from various stakeholders, what obstacles they encounter, and how they use technology to elevate the role of finance in their business. With that information, we put together an infographic for you to explore our survey results and better understand the current state of digital finance transformation in biotech.

Sage Intacct digital finance transformation in biotech infographic

Download the infographic and see why finance leaders look to advanced analytics to help them add value in strategic areas of their business, and how advanced analytics are creating the most opportunity in the areas of planning, risk management, and operational decision making.

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