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Datalinx Warehouse Manager

Datalinx Warehouse Manager

Warehouse Manager is a wireless warehouse management solution utilizing rugged handheld scanners and dedicated screens that empower warehouse personnel with extensive capabilities surrounding all core warehouse operations, from stock inquiries through order picking, receiving, allocations, product counts, transfers, work order issues and much more.


  • Increase stock location accuracy by 25% by automatically recording quantities and locations across multiple bins
  • Boost inventory accuracy to 99% through improved accuracy of receipt, stocking, and picking
  • Increase picking speed by 25% while minimizing errors and boosting throughput of individual pickers
  • Achieve 75% stock count efficiency gains as handheld devices guide users to the relevant locations and request details of the product being counted, along with the actual item count.
  • Effectively empower warehouse personnel while retaining Sage Business Cloud X3 controls
  • Boost productivity by eliminating duplicate and manual data entry
  • Improve customer service through increased order accuracy and real-time stock availability


  • Capture all warehouse movement, including: purchase order receipts, picking, status changes, pack and dispatch, location and inter-site transfers, stock count, receipts, issues, work order receipts, work order picks, and inquiries
  • Produce consolidated picking tickets
  • GS1 codes and barcodes
  • Real-time integration with Sage X3 data
  • Runs on mobile devices or dedicated screens
  • Additional pick-to-carton capabilities
  • Warehouse zones
  • Multilingual

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