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Edisoft Merchant QuikPAK

Edisoft Merchant QuikPAK

Edisoft’s Merchant QuikPAK software is the ERP-integrated warehouse automation solution that supports integration to Sage Business Cloud X3 and automates the movement of data within the warehouse process.


  • Pick and pack with one solution. Gives manufacturers and distributors the advantage of managing Global Supply Chain Operations with one click
  • Solve multiple Supply Chain Challenges including eliminating ERP order rekeying throughout the pick, pack, and shipment stages, as well as increasing staff productivity and managing product shipments across multiple warehouses


  • Automates the movement of data within the following 5 stages of the warehouse process in both single and multiple warehouse environments:
    1) Order prioritization, 2) Picking, 3) Packing, 4) Printing and 5) Shipping
  • Includes various configurable options for picking, packing, and shipping including manual packing, auto packing using a rules-based engine, and handheld bar code scanning devices
  • Integrated to ProcessWeaver’s ECS platform to automate the exchange of Transportation Management data, including Small Parcel, LTL, Rate Shopping, and Shipping Analytics.

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