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ProcessWeaver integrated shipping

ProcessWeaver integrated shipping

ProcessWeaver‘s integrated shipping provides a comprehensive shipping platform for Sage Business Cloud X3 customers to manage logistic operations for single or multiple sites across the enterprise. ProcessWeaver is implemented in over 65 countries with features including customs documentation, mobility, freight analytics and rate shopping for added ROI value for your Sage X3 investment.


  • Accurately rate and route all shipments
  • Prevent shipping errors that result from incorrect/incomplete data
  • Low maintenance for IT resources
  • Standardize the shipping process across all plants


  • Print carrier-compliant labels and other shipping documents
  • Electronically communicate with carriers and customers/suppliers
  • Track and monitor shipment status
  • Automatically update deliveries and shipments
  • Carrier integration around the globe
  • Consolidation
  • Customer brokerage (USA and selected countries)
  • Enterprise freight analytics (carrier invoices)
  • Freight shopping at SO and shipping lane
  • Dock scheduling
  • Validation of account numbers
  • Inbound supplier portal
  • Parcel, TL/LTL, air, and ocean shipments
  • Real-time track and trace including proof of delivery
  • Integrate with any printer or scale

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