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Sage Sales Tax

Sage Sales Tax

Sage Sales Tax is a cloud-based service and the fastest, easiest, most accurate, and affordable way to calculate sales and use tax, manage exemption certificates, file returns, and remit payments across North America and beyond. Sage Sales Tax delivers instantaneous address validation and sales tax calculations on demand, makes it possible to digitally create, store, and access exemption certificates at the point of sale and close the loop on your sales tax compliance process by completing and filing all forms and remitting all of your sales tax with one easy payment.


  • Accurate: 100% accuracy for each and every transaction
  • Fast: Saves data entry time in adding new customers, maintaining tax schedules and details for existing customers, and the distribution and accruals of payables
  • Easy: One single schedule that applies to all customers


  • Tax decision engine determines rates based on 100,000+ taxability rules in 11,000+ jurisdictions and instantly applies them to each transaction
  • Geo-location provides the basis for the precise identification of tax jurisdictions and associated taxability and sourcing rules, ensuring the most complete and accurate tax rate
  • Digital creation, processing, and access to valid customer exemption certificates
  • Reporting with complete details of every transaction

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