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Maximize the power of Sage Construction and Real Estate

Supercharge Sage Construction and Real Estate


Discover extended capabilities and new solutions that will maximize your business outcomes. From automating your systems and delivering business insights, to streamlining your financial processes—our new webinar series will make your business flow.

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Profit protection opportunities exist through your organization. Digital transformation is a journey. Since no one takes it all on at once, you can choose where to go next. No matter the route you take, every step makes a difference.

Sage Estimating

The most advanced pre-construction bidding solution on the market today.

  • Build estimates from both 2D and 3D content
  • Superior digital takeoff tools
  • Full integration with industry leading BIM solutions
  • Robust collection of pre-populated cost databases


Integrated with Sage Estimating, eTakeoff is the easy, practical way to connect BIM and estimating seamlessly.

  • SnapAI – Adds intelligence to vector takeoff
  • True Database Structure and Security
  • Concurrent License Management
  • Multi-User Technology


Simplifies the application for payment processes between general contractors and subcontractors by automating the payment application process. All projects are in one place to manage, track, and collaborate on every job.

  • Automates the entire sub-contractor AP process and payment processing.
  • Tracks sub-contracts for proof of commitments, lien waivers, and compliance.
  • Automatically confirms billing values equal contract amounts.

Sage Paperless Construction

Provides greater control of your documents and a clean audit trail, therefore reducing risk.

  • Organize, store, retrieve and distribute contracts, change orders, plans and drawings, invoices, and more for approvals and processing.
  • Monitor, route, and review documents between the field and office.

Sage Field Operations

Automates field reporting, and easy scheduling of employees, equipment, and subcontractors. Enables workers to enter time and equipment usage in the field using mobile devices.

  • Streamline and standardize field-to-office communications to retain project profitability
  • Real-time RFI, RFP, and change order updates by mobile device
  • Control labor costs; enter, submit, and approve time from the field
  • Automatic review processes for approvals

Sage ToolOps

A construction resource management solution for tracking tools, equipment, and consumables. Driving accountability, reducing loss, and decreasing cost by eliminating unnecessary purchases.

  • Increase productivity by streamlining process to ensure field teams have what they need when they need it.
  • Drive strategic direction by having access to real-time data that promotes accurate job costing and smarter spending decisions.
  • Asset optimization promoting better accountability to utilize assets and mitigate the associated cost of tool loss.


Your personal assistant that proactively monitors data and distributes information to those who need it when they need it.

  • Alert someone of missing compliance items or setup information.
  • Create and distribute documents like tenant statements, AR Aging’s or Lien Waivers.
  • Generate and distribute most of your reports on a regular schedule.
  • Inform you of overdue and remind past-due customers of their delinquency.

Office Connector

Save hours of time on reporting and analysis tasks using Excel.

  • Transfer data to/from Excel with ease.
  • Take advantage of Excel’s flexibility and familiarity.
  • Reduce the time your company spends on data entry.
  • Improve workflow and reporting.
  • Gain added confidence in your numbers and data.

Liberty Reports

Turn Excel-based reports into robust reporting tools for your business data.

  • Excel-based reports can be produced using your business data knowing that your information is accurate because it is being queried directly from your business databases.
  • No longer spend time re-keying information into Excel and risking data-entry errors.
  • Refresh the information anytime with a single-click.
  • Excel-based changes to report workbooks remain when you refresh your data.

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