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amplyx pharmaceuticals - UNITED STATES

Amplyx Pharmaceuticals cures its finances with Sage Intacct

The pharma firm which develops first-in-class products for the treatment of life-threatening infections uses Sage software to manage a high volume of transactions.

Old software not fit for future needs

Amplyx had been using QuickBooks since the inception of the company. Although it proved easy to use, it lacked the internal controls and reporting features the growing company required. It also didn't have the functionality to make electronic approvals of invoices and purchase orders.

Sage Intacct allows me to spend less time pulling and linking numbers and downloading spreadsheets.

Jennifer Lam

Drilling down into the details

Amplyx has already seen some process improvements in several areas with Sage Intacct. Now it can run financials in a click of a button without having to export and manipulate its data. In addition, the CFO has access to these financials via a dashboard, so he can look at this information anytime, anywhere.

Using Sage Intacct, the CFO can drill into transactions without having to come to the accounting department to ask any questions.

Jennifer Lam

Across all activity

The volume of transactions that go through the company is vast; being able to manage and track all these approvals has proved difficult for Amplyx in the past. Sage Intacct provides a platform for it to easily manage and evaluate all its transactions - and, crucially, it’s a solution which can scale with the business.

Through the Sage marketplace, we can truly plug in to extend the functionality into ‘best of breed’.

Jennifer Lam

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