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Berkshire associates - UNITED STATES

Berkshire Associates set for continued growth thanks to Sage

HR consulting and technology firm measurably improves project profitability and reduces complex invoice cycle by 50% using Sage Intacct

Adopting scalable financial management for ongoing growth

As the company grew, Berkshire Associates’ finance team recognized that QuickBooks was no longer sufficient for their expanding needs. The in-house systems for timesheets, expense reports, purchasing, and project management weren’t integrated so were hindering progress. It was time to adopt a robust financial management solution.

We chose Sage Intacct because it had everything we needed, including seamless Salesforce CRM integration to minimize manual data entry.

Lisa Roeder
Business Manager

Automated project billing improves cash flow

Sage Intacct’s powerful project accounting abilities have helped Berkshire Associates painlessly manage its complex billing processes, and even reduced their invoice cycle by 50%. Now invoicing takes a single day as opposed to a full week of effort, ultimately improving cash flow.

Since we no longer have to manually calculate project profitability, we’re saving our account teams a significant amount of administrative work

Lisa Roeder
Business Manager

Project profitability insight informs sales and operations decisions

Sage Intacct provides full transparency into the firm’s financials through a variety of operational dimensions that allow Berkshire to slice and dice data across specific projects, locations, clients, vendors, or employees for deeper reporting and analysis. Personalized dashboards also give Berkshire’s project managers real-time insight into billing approvals and active project financials.

With Sage Intacct’s simple, flexible reporting capabilities, I can create any type of report we need. There’s endless information that we can get out of the system.

Lisa Roeder
Business Manager

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