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Bitly trims its reporting with Sage Intacct

URL shortening service and link management platform transforms its business using Sage software, with the time saved put into growing the company.

Staff drowning in manual data entry

With its finances in QuickBooks, Bitly lacked the tools needed to keep an SaaS company audit ready and compliant. Calculating revenue recognition and deferred revenue on spreadsheets was burying Bitly's finance staff in manual work that only looked to get worse as the company grew.

Visibility & efficiency gains

By moving their finances to Sage Intacct and integrating with Salesforce, Bitly’s finance team has transformed the business. The automated revenue recognition ended up saving two days a week that could be put toward growing the business. Revenue reporting gives them visibility into their cash position so their executives can confidently invest in technology and people.

Ready for the next stage

Overall, Bitly avoided adding more full-time staff, while automated billing and invoicing reduced days sales outstanding by half, creating additional months of cash, and preparing Bitly for a successful $63 million fundraising round.