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Atlanta-based Check and Balance Firm

Check and Balance Accounting Firm - United States

Utilizes Sage products to streamline processes and increase efficiency across its accounting practice.

New realities require small business resilience

Sage Accounting has been helping Check and Balance grow its business for years leading up to the changes and difficulties brought by the global pandemic. Thanks to the user-friendly features in Sage, Check and Balance is free to engage customers anywhere, any time.

It’s so crazy because I felt like I was preparing myself for the pandemic years ago. I had all of this stuff in place. So, it was like when the pandemic came, it was just like, ‘Oh, you’re okay, because you already have your systems in place.

Tiffany Wilson
Founder, Check and Balance Firm

Focused on customers needs

As a company dealing with clients all over the country, Check and Balance is always able to accommodate and help…even with those clients who never sit still.

They [truck drivers] didn’t shut down for the pandemic. They’re on the road and we’re asking for things like ‘Hey, I need this receipt, I need that invoice,’ and they say, ‘Oh that’s all right. We got all that stuff.’ They can just take pictures and send it to us.

Tiffany Wilson
Founder, Check and Balance Firm

A platform for peak efficiency and growth

The impacts Sage has had on Check and Balance are many and varied, but they all lead to the same thing: a bigger business, a more successful company, and happier clients. By implementing automation, cloud-based storage, and simple functionality the firm is seeing more growth than ever with fewer complications.

I feel like in the future this is definitely going to allow us to work with more clients in a more efficient manner. We can do a lot more time management by using this product.

Tiffany Wilson
Founder, Check and Balance Firm

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