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Community food bank of eastern oklahoma - UNITED STATES

Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma goes self-service with Sage Intacct

Nonprofit strengthens its relationships with funders and makes good on its mission thanks to Sage software transforming its financial management

Growth puts strain on accounting processes

The Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma has seen an increase in demand for its service in recent years. That growth put a strain on the Food Bank’s finance and accounting processes, based on Intuit QuickBooks. The CFO made it a top priority to upgrade to a more modern and capable finance solution.

QuickBooks couldn’t give us real-time visibility into financials, and the reporting was pretty limited.

David Parrack

Freeing time and resources

The upgrade from QuickBooks to Sage Intacct and the efficiencies it brings is having a real impact on the nonprofit’s mission. It has allowed the Food Bank to liberate time and resources that it can channel into its social impact and distribution of nearly 400,000 meals a week to hungry seniors, veterans, children and families.

With Sage Intacct, we were able to free up half a person’s time. That freed up $25,000—that’s equivalent to 100,000 meals.

David Parrack

New visibility

Real-time data with Sage Intacct reporting and dashboards gives management and program managers new insights into budget vs. actuals to help monitor spending, track fundraising and donations, make appropriate adjustments and increase programmatic impact. Self-service access in Sage Intacct supplies information on demand.

Management has new visibility for decision-making such as how we’re tracking against budget, how we’re doing on fundraising, how our expenses are looking.

David Parrack

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