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Marathon Ventures completes financial reporting in record time with Sage Intacct

Tech-based company, which manages sales for a wide range of content owners and distributors, uses Sage software to automate business processes

Rapid sales growth presents bumps in the road

Marathon Ventures' rapid sales growth led to significant increases in the transactional information required for the company to communicate effectively with advertisers, agencies and its media clients. In an effort to streamline the process, Marathon needed to start fresh with new cloud-based ERP software.

After seeing a Sage Intacct demo, it was immediately clear to us that this was a highly intuitive solution.

Sabry Mohideen

Taking the legwork out of financial management

By implementing Sage Intacct, Marathon Ventures is streamlining several processes such as invoicing, accounts receivables, accounts payables, and bank reconciliations. Previously, the finance team had to manually create a corresponding payables entry every time Marathon received an advertiser payment.

Sage Intacct helps us quickly process thousands of transactions every month so we can keep up with the company’s growth.

Sabry Mohideen

Gaining big picture insight

Marathon Ventures’ financial visibility also received a significant upgrade with Sage Intacct’s multi-dimensional reporting, which provides faster and more granular visibility into what’s driving the company's performance.

Our team is now more motivated to further automate processes, build new customer reports and more because we have the bandwidth and confidence to do so.

Sabry Mohideen

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