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Personal healthcare - UNITED STATES

Personal Healthcare improves its financial wellbeing with Sage Intacct

Provider of senior care facilities finds a financial management partner in Sage to support future growth

Unable to make an accurate diagnosis of the finances

Previously, Personal Healthcare used outside accountants and an industry-specific software suite to manage its financials, but the software failed to keep up with the company’s rapid growth. It also couldn’t support paperless financial processes or provide transparency into all the finances.

We chose Sage Intacct over healthcare industry solutions because it was easy for our staff to use, and allows us to configure the system to our specific needs.

Israel Ostrovitsky

A platform for lean financial management

Having moved to the user-friendly Sage Intacct system, Personal Healthcare is benefiting from a shortened monthly close process - from one week to a day or two - and can now consolidate financials across its eight entities instantaneously.

Thanks to Sage Intacct, we’ve been able to bring more accounting in-house, and avoided hiring another 1.5 employees - at a saving of around $80,000 each year.

Israel Ostrovitsky

More bandwidth for analysis

Sage Intacct makes it easy for Personal Healthcare to manage financials for its multiple entities and compare performance across each facility. The system’s multi-dimensional general ledger enables the company to slice and dice expenses across individual departments and categories.

Our staff can take on more new projects and financial analysis that they simply didn’t have the bandwidth for before.

Israel Ostrovitsky

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