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public health accreditation board - UNITED STATES

Public Health Accreditation Board gets its finances under control with Sage Intacct

The nonprofit, non-governmental organization turned to Sage software for a more scientific approach to financial management

Basic software tests the patience of the finance team

As the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) has evolved, so has its financial model, reporting requirements, and pricing structure. However, PHAB’s revenue reporting had grown too complex for QuickBooks to support, and the team made the decision to move to a more robust financial management solution.

Sage Intacct is an ideal partner as we grow, because they offer everything we want, including advanced revenue management tools and powerful dashboards.

Mark Paepcke
Chief Administrative Officer



Tracking critical metrics

Sage Intacct provides robust reporting and dashboard capabilities that help PHAB track critical operational and financial metrics for specific business areas with the click of a button. With this insight, the finance team ensures that PHAB maintains the income needed to continue advancing its mission

The visibility we have in Sage Intacct increases my team’s credibility with everyone in the organization - from the board and our funders on down.

Mark Paepcke
Chief Administrative Officer

Incisive financial management

Switching to Sage Intacct has enabled PHAB to streamline its invoicing, deferred revenue, accounts receivable, and revenue recognition workflows - eliminating several cumbersome spreadsheets and a whole day of re-entering data in its accreditation management software each week.

We have full confidence that Sage Intacct will continue to support our growth, even as we look towards potentially adding new educational services.

Mark Paepcke
Chief Administrative Officer

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