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Quaero gains visibility into the facts and figures with Sage Intacct

Data firm enjoys real-time insight into project profitability and delivery margins using Sage software, enabling it to make better business decisions

Modern, cloud-based system required

Quaero’s finance team used Oracle as its system of record, but needed a more nimble, modern financial management solution in order to quickly re-establish itself as an independent entity. They went in search of cloud-based software that could support robust approval flows and efficient, repeatable day-to-today and monthly financial processes.

We wanted an ERP system with flexible reporting and the ability to manage our project costing needs.

Robert Bales

Achieving real-time insight

Quaero’s project managers have gained real-time insight into project profitability and delivery margins. Thanks to Sage Intacct’s ability to tag individual transactions with dimension details, Quaero can now track its costs at a granular level, drill down into details as needed, and make better estimates and decisions.

Sage Intacct project activity dashboards let our managers monitor their projects as time is entered versus waiting until the end of the month for any insight.

Robert Bales

Productivity gains

In addition to this powerful visibility, Quaero has gained significant productivity benefits from making the switch to Sage Intacct. By automating all month-end journal entries and cutting nearly a full day of accounting work from its fixed asset and prepaid expense processes, the finance team reduced its monthly close from seven days to just one.

Now that we’ve been able to automate so many processes in Sage Intacct, I can spend less time on the nuts and bolts of finance.

Robert Bales

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