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Seattle Indian Health Board makes quicker diagnoses with Sage Intacct

Health clinic scales financial management using Sage software amid rapid revenue growth.

Nineties financial management system hindering operations

Founded in 1970, FQHC Seattle Indian Health Board (SIHB) relies on grants from federal, state, county, and city government agencies to fund its growing operations. Managing that financial information, however, was hindered by an outdated legacy accounting application.

The system didn’t allow for any flexibility and didn’t have the ability to be transparent with the data. The whole thing was circa 1990.

Ben Luety

Greater social impact with Sage Intacct insights

Without the disparate data and error-prone work of the past, Seattle Indian Health Board estimates financial data accuracy is up 100 % with Sage Intacct. Insights through the platform also contribute to greater social impact through the organization’s programs.

Our use of Sage Intacct helps us improve the welfare of the community we serve because we can make better decisions.

Ben Luety

A platform for rapid growth

The finance team has more time to devote to dashboards and data analysis thanks to the huge efficiencies gained through Sage Intacct. Overall, finance team productivity is up 50 % with an across-the-board efficiency gain of more than 25 %. That’s helped SIHB scale amid rapid growth in funding. Over three years, revenue soared 80 %, to $25m.

Sage Intacct has really driven our ability to scale with 80 % growth.

Ben Luety

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