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st pjs childrens home - UNITED STATES

St. PJ's Children's Home fosters better financial management with Sage Intacct

Social service agency automates processes to minimize finance headcount, and gains significant time savings on grant reporting, reconciliations, and closing.

Maintaining visibility as the business grows

The landscape of the state’s foster care system has evolved, requiring St. PJ’s to up its communication with funders and grantors in order to proactively explain the agency’s fluctuating financial metrics. It needed a modern financial management solution that enabled more fluid reporting.

Sage Intacct helps us tell our story to long-term funders in a way that’s meaningful and backed up with data.

Curtis Ruder

Keeping a close eye on KPIs

Powerful visibility is driving even more value inside the organization, where St. PJ’s leaders can use personalized Sage Intacct dashboards to more closely monitor their departments’ key performance indicators and make adjustments in real-time as needed.

With Sage Intacct, our finance team is now a much bigger part of St. PJ’s strategic direction.

Curtis Ruder

Working to a brighter future

Sage Intacct’s dimension-based general ledger captures the business context of each transaction to give St. PJ’s stakeholders very targeted and relevant data about their activities with minimal manual effort. The organization can easily analyze performance by departments, projects, programs, funds, grants or other drivers.

Our expansion has been completely seamless and effortless thanks to the automation and efficiency that Sage Intacct’s modern, best-in-class system provides.

Curtis Ruder

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