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Fast, Accurate Estimates Help W. M. Schlosser Construction Win More Bids

WM Scholosser Company Inc - United States

Government general contractor relies on Sage Estimating to win profitable projects.

Precision accuracy

With fixed-price government bids, the low bidder wins the project. But no contractor can survive if its projects are unprofitable, making accurate initial estimating critical.  Accuracy is paramount, but speed is also essential.

“An estimate that takes me four hours to complete in Excel takes me 20 minutes to complete in Sage Estimating.”

Jeff Binder

Fast tools lead to more and better estimates

As a general contractor, W. M. Scholosser uses subcontractors to perform most of the trades. With Sage Estimating, they can estimate everything in-house and project bids more quickly. These estimates serve to verify and validate the bids subs deliver; therefore, bids are often more competitive because there are fewer errors of uncertainty.

“Our accuracy is spot on. Material cost estimates for a recent project were within $43 of the actual cost.”

Jeff Binder

Consistent, cohesive, and collaborative

By standardizing estimating processes, separate, disjointed workflows are streamlined which result in faster, accurate estimates and improved efficiency.  Estimates are in a uniform format making it easier for review and collaboration.

"Sage Estimating brings together the best of all worlds — electronic takeoff, cost, assembly and formula databases, and an intuitive data entry interface.”

Jeff Binder

Software and services for every business

Whatever your business size or type, there's a Sage solution for you.

Sage Estimating

Most advanced pre-construction solution on the market.