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Outsourced Recruitment Services

Outsourced Recruitment Services

It is imperative in the workplace today that before any hiring decision is made, a background check has taken place.  You want to ensure that the information provided to you in the recruitment process is in fact true and that you are making the right choice in hiring this person.

Sage Recruitment offers you peace of mind by offering detailed background checks, verification and screening services.

What is a background check?

A background check comprises of an in-depth look into a person's commercial, financial and criminal background/records.  These background checks can also look in to someone’s credit records, employment and education history etc giving you piece of mind and protecting your business against any potential risks.


Why your company needs background check services?

We have listed just a few of the reasons why performing background checks is such a crucial aspect for your business to consider:

  • Flags any criminal history
  • Can help you avoid liability should something go wrong
  • It ensures workplace safety
  • Competence and trust is key, and you need to know the qualifications and job history supplied to you is in fact correct and true.  It gives you peace of mind, knowing you have made the right decision

Recruitment can be a lengthy process as it is and once you believe you have found the right candidate, in depth screening processes and comprehensive background checks, as crucial as they are can be a very stressful additional process.

Let Sage Recruitment with its many years of experience take care of this for you, providing your business with security, peace of mind and safety.  


Sage Recruitment offers the following background checks, verification and screening services:

  • Criminal checks
  • Matric/qualification checks
  • ITC Checks (ID verification, fraud, TransUnion, XDS, Compuscan and Experian)
  • ID verification
  • Passport verification - South Africa
  • Permanent Residence Permit - South Africa
  • Visa verification - South Africa
  • Payroll assessment (Premier / 300 People)
  • CV and employment confirmation
    Sage will contact all employers on the candidate’s CV and confirm the employment dates, positions and reasons for leaving
  • Detailed reference checks
    Sage will obtain detailed feedback from a specific past employer selected by you. This will include employment details and the candidate’s performance

*Any other checks in Africa or Middle East are available on request