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Simple, fast and intuitive software that scales with your business.

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Your data security & overall compliance is our top priority.

Intuitive reporting

Get real-time insights and reporting tools for better decision-making.

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No more repetitive tasks. Let’s automate & simplify your processes.

Single source of truth

Data is effortlessly shared within the team & across business functions.

Find the right cloud software for your business

Get world-class payroll & HR software to support your business. With flexible deployment options, you can choose to manage your processes in the cloud or in your company’s data centre.

Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional

Powerful payroll software with simple statutory HR functionality for employee management 

  • Cloud-based solution that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime through a link
  • Easy to use software
  • This solution allows you to add integrated modules and combine functions to expand its capabilities - adapting to fit your requirements no matter how fast your business grows
  • Country specific statutory reports for over 13 African countries including : Angola, Botswana, DRC, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe
  • Automatic legislative software updates
  • Intuitive real-time reporting 
  • Three distinct modules can be integrated into a single package: Payroll, Personnel Management and Sage Self-Service

Sage 300 People

Advanced all-in-one payroll, HR and Self-Service software with strong HR functionality

  • Local desktop solution that can be hosted through a Managed Cloud Service
  • Intuitive software
  • Reliable solution for scalable growing businesses that are more complex. This solution is ideal for multiple companies with multiple legislations to consider
  • Legislation available for 28 African countries, including Saudi Arabia and UAE
  • Automatic legislative software updates
  • Advanced reporting embedded within the system that supports API integrations with analytical tools
  • End-to-end HCM solution for medium businesses with key modules that include : Expense Management, Job Costing, Advanced batch processing, Job Management, Performance Management, Budgeting and Core ISV integrations via API's

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Payroll and HR in SA : Rising to the challenges of change

With access to some of a business’ most sensitive and valuable information, payroll and human resources (HR) professionals are sitting on a goldmine of insights that can enhance business strategy, streamline compliance, and attract and retain the best talent.

Download the latest Sage research report or watch the video for more information.

Get the latest resources to support your business

tax pocket guide

The Quick Guide to Payroll Compliance

Get the latest expert advice on how to manage and maintain compliance and stay on top of tax and legislative changes.

Your Guide to Payroll Tax Year-End

Get best practices for preparing, processing, and planning your year-end payroll activity for 2022/2023. This guide will help you work more efficiently, giving you more time to do what you do best – run, manage, and grow your business. 

Payroll Tax Pocket Guide 2022-2023

A complete guide to understanding legislative matters that affect payroll and HR professionals in South Africa.

Sage income tax calculator : Calculate how the latest tax changes will affect your pocket

Try out our easy-to-use salary tax calculator, in line with the changes announced in the 2022/2023 Budget Speech.

To get started, simply enter your current monthly salary and allowances to view what your tax saving or liability will be in the tax year.


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Missed payroll? Here’s how to get back on track

Missed payroll ? Here’s how to get back on track

Missing the payroll run means staff don’t get paid on time, and no employer wants to be in that situation. But missed payroll happens for several reasons, including mistakes in the payroll process and financial pressures. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to avoid this and never miss payroll again. In this [&hellip ;]

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Top 5 balance sheet ratios for managing cash flow

Top 5 balance sheet ratios for managing cash flow

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[eBook] How to turn your side hustle into a business

[eBook] How to turn your side hustle into a business

South Africa’s economy is highly dependent on its small businesses, which is no surprise seeing as our nation is filled with innovative minds. However, COVID-19 did a number on small and medium-sized businesses, with many people impacted by pay cuts and retrenchments. Still, that didn’t stop South Africans from keeping their bank accounts in the [&hellip ;]

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Youth employment and inclusion: 5 ways to get it right

Youth employment and inclusion : 5 ways to get it right

While the pandemic has affected everyone, the most long-term effects are likely to affect the world&#8217 ;s youth. Many businesses faced with cash flow issues and an uncertain future made the difficult decision to halt hiring, graduate schemes, and apprenticeship programmes. Several of these businesses believed they lacked the bandwidth and resources to hire and train [&hellip ;]

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7 ways to make your non-profit financially sustainable

7 ways to make your non-profit financially sustainable

Good, thoughtful planning is essential when it comes to the non-profit sector. That means preparing for the possibility that things will not go as planned. But when they do, how will you ensure financial sustainability for your organisation ? The goal is to build a strong organisation. One where the core work can still be done [&hellip ;]

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Griind Coffee Company: Turning a love of coffee into a side hustle

Griind Coffee Company : Turning a love of coffee into a side hustle

If you appreciate a good cup of coffee, then chicory is simply not an option. In fact, in Rudolf de Villiers’s household, chicory is a swear word, and his pursuit of the perfect cuppa joe led to the creation of something few coffeeholics can resist. As Sales Account Manager at Sage South Africa, Rudolf brings [&hellip ;]

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Entering the finance profession? Don’t ignore these soft skills

Entering the finance profession ? Don’t ignore these soft skills

As financial services grow increasingly commoditised and automation takes care of many traditional accounting tasks, finance professionals need to find other ways to add value. This often includes taking on a more advisory role, translating the now automatically generated data into meaningful insights that non-finance people can understand. Sounds easy, right ? Wrong. All that advice [&hellip ;]

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4 recruitment strategies to up your hiring game

4 recruitment strategies to up your hiring game

Unemployment in South Africa is out of control. And the numbers get even scarier when you drill down and look at how unemployment affects our youth. While SA’s national unemployment rate stood at 35.3 % in the fourth quarter of 2021, Stats SA’s latest employment data reveals that youth unemployment is as high as 66.5 %. Addressing [&hellip ;]

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