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Easy to use

Simple, fast and intuitive software that scales with your business.

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Manage your payroll and connect with employees from anywhere.

Data security and compliance

Your data security & overall compliance is our top priority.

Intuitive reporting

Get real-time insights and reporting tools for better decision-making.

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No more repetitive tasks. Let’s automate & simplify your processes.

Single source of truth

Data is effortlessly shared within the team & across business functions.

Find the right cloud software for your business

Get world-class payroll & HR software to support your business. With flexible deployment options, you can choose to manage your processes in the cloud or in your company’s data centre.

Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional

Powerful payroll software with simple statutory HR functionality for employee management 

  • Cloud-based solution that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime through a link
  • Easy to use software
  • This solution allows you to add integrated modules and combine functions to expand its capabilities - adapting to fit your requirements no matter how fast your business grows
  • Country specific statutory reports for over 13 African countries including: Angola, Botswana, DRC, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe
  • Automatic legislative software updates
  • Intuitive real-time reporting 
  • Three distinct modules can be integrated into a single package: Payroll, Personnel Management and Sage Self-Service

Sage 300 People

Advanced all-in-one payroll, HR and Self-Service software with strong HR functionality

  • Local desktop solution that can be hosted through a Managed Cloud Service
  • Intuitive software
  • Reliable solution for scalable growing businesses that are more complex. This solution is ideal for multiple companies with multiple legislations to consider
  • Legislation available for 28 African countries, including Saudi Arabia and UAE
  • Automatic legislative software updates
  • Advanced reporting embedded within the system that supports API integrations with analytical tools
  • End-to-end HCM solution for medium businesses with key modules that include: Expense Management, Job Costing, Advanced batch processing, Job Management, Performance Management, Budgeting and Core ISV integrations via API's

See our payroll & HR software in action

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Payroll and HR in SA: Rising to the challenges of change

With access to some of a business’ most sensitive and valuable information, payroll and human resources (HR) professionals are sitting on a goldmine of insights that can enhance business strategy, streamline compliance, and attract and retain the best talent.

Download the latest Sage research report or watch the video for more information.

Get the latest resources to support your business

tax pocket guide

The Quick Guide to Payroll Compliance

Get the latest expert advice on how to manage and maintain compliance and stay on top of tax and legislative changes.

Your Guide to Payroll Tax Year-End

Get best practices for preparing, processing, and planning your year-end payroll activity for 2022/2023. This guide will help you work more efficiently, giving you more time to do what you do best – run, manage, and grow your business. 

Payroll Tax Pocket Guide 2022-2023

A complete guide to understanding legislative matters that affect payroll and HR professionals in South Africa.

Everything you need to know about the National Budget Speech

Download a summary of the National Budget Speech announcements for 2022-2023. 

Sage income tax calculator: Calculate how the latest tax changes will affect your pocket

Try out our easy-to-use salary tax calculator, in line with the changes announced in the 2022/2023 Budget Speech.

To get started, simply enter your current monthly salary and allowances to view what your tax saving or liability will be in the tax year.


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Top accounting advice for small business growth and cash flow

Top accounting advice for small business growth and cash flow

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Why the lessons of 2008 are still relevant for today’s professional service businesses

Why the lessons of 2008 are still relevant for today’s professional service businesses

Businesses in South Africa have it tough right now. We are riding out the fifth COVID wave, loadshedding is a near-daily occurrence, and the price of petrol is increasing – again. Companies are still reeling from the impacts of the KZN floods and news that unemployment levels continue to tick upwards. During the 2008 financial […]

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How to keep top talent amid ‘The Great Resignation’

If your inbox has been inundated with resignations over the past few months, you’re not alone – many other HR professionals are in the same boat. Although America and Europe have been hardest hit, signs of the Great Resignation are emerging in South Africa along with an increase in the gig economy. At the end […]

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How to create an effective data security strategy for your business – starting with 2FA

How to create an effective data security strategy for your business – starting with 2FA

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion: Less talk. More action.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion: Less talk. More action.

South Africa is a hub of diversity. We have different cultures, races, and languages that make our workforce almost unstoppable – or so it should. What’s often missing is the right approach to managing diversity in business. That’s where equity and inclusion come in. Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are the key ingredients to creating […]

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5 essential tips from young entrepreneurs making their own rules

5 essential tips from young entrepreneurs making their own rules

Running your own business is hard – and the advice most often dished up to young entrepreneurs is staid, predictable, and often wholly impractical. Of course, it helps to start a business with lots of cash, a business degree under your belt or an experienced mentor to guide you through the tough times. But the […]

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The ins and outs of leave management

The ins and outs of leave management

South Africans are increasingly taking a strategic approach to annual leave. Due to the abundance of public holidays, it is possible to take minimal leave days and still get a significant chunk of time off. For example, in April, by taking four days’ annual leave, you get eight consecutive days off. Thanks to Worker’s Day […]

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A guide to leave management best practices

A guide to leave management best practices

Leave management is a critical – and complex – part of any business’s payroll process. Leave needs to be tracked accurately for it to be recompensed correctly, for the company to remain legally compliant, and ensure that employee morale remains intact. As if the process wasn’t complicated enough, hybrid and remote work has thrown in […]

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