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Sage Pastel Payroll & HR Courses

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This training is aimed at giving you an understanding of basic payroll concepts and legislation affecting the payroll.

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The Principles of Payroll Tax training will provide you with an understanding of :

  • legislation relating to payroll tax,
  • factors that influence the tax calculation of an employee,
  • the taxation rules for different types of employees,
  • the principles and calculation of remuneration,
  • the taxation of various earnings and fringe benefits,
  • the different tax deductible deductions,
  • the tax treatment for the different types of retirement funds,
  • the taxation of medical aid, and the calculation of employees’ tax.

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In this course we cover installation and registration of the Sage Pastel Payroll software as well as all you need to know about your monthly payroll processing cycle.

Course detail :

During the course you will be familiarised with the advanced features of Sage Pastel Payroll as well as the Sage Pastel HR module.

It will cover Advantage features like Multiple Transaction Manager, and also features like importing and exporting Employee Masterfiles, creating new Transactions, Transaction Templates and Formulae.

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The Bi-Annual Submissions workshop concentrates on the bi-annual requirements and guidance to generate and submit interim certificates on [email protected]

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This e-learning will assist you to prepare for the annual PCI refresher asessment. This curriculum covers legislative and employees tax changes, as well as software changes. Once you have completed the e-learning, there will be a short, 50 mark, assessment/quiz to complete. We have added a tax guide for more tax information as well as the 2018/19 tax tables.

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