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Sage Payroll Outsourcing

The best way to optimise your business is to prioritise your strengths and seek outside expertise where needed.

Sage Payroll Outsourcing makes payroll management easier and more efficient

With Sage Payroll Outsourcing you get the best software and specialists managing your payroll. This leaves you to focus on running your day-to-day business with the peace of mind that your payroll is being expertly managed.

With Sage Payroll Outsourcing you still enjoy all the benefits that come with using Sage Payroll, minus the need to maintain your system. If you utilise other Sage Business Cloud products they are all still fully integrated.

Your partner in Payroll

Business is more than the numbers, figures and percentages you put out.  It's about people and the knowledge they bring, the skills they possess and the expertise they apply to deliver and guarantee first-class customer service.

It's essential to the success of your business which is why Sage Payroll Outsourcing will always be an active partner to your business, adding value and stimulating growth.

  • Sage Payroll Outsourcing has been part of the professional services industry since 2002.
  • We process over 800 payrolls.
  • We process over 41 000 payslips per month.
  • Active in 21 countries within Africa and the Middle East but our global footprint stretches far beyond that.

Help your business achieve more

With Sage Payroll Outsourcing we will streamline and manage your payroll process.  View our infographic explaining it in 7 easy steps.

Why choose Sage Payroll Outsourcing

All of our outsourcing managers and professionals have extensive payroll and consulting experience and receive continuous training with regular assessments

We ensure continuity through a backup payroll administrator and payroll manager who follow your detailed company blueprint document.

Duties and responsibilities are segregated to ensure accuracy and we use strict payroll processing calendars to ensure all deadlines are met by both parties. 
Output includes pay files, payslips, statutory and audit reports
Sage Payroll software is reliable, compliant and cloud-based providing you with instant real-time access to payroll information

 We follow strict audit requirements for security and data safety

Key benefits

  • Confidentiality
  • Reduced Risk
  • No Software & Licensing costs – Best value/One fixed fee
  • Cutting-edge software
  • Registered, accredited and regulated

Additional services

  • Annual Responsibilities: Preparing electronic tax certificates
  • Assistance with Annual and Bi-Annual [email protected] submissions
  • Employment Equity setup and reporting
  • Stats SA reporting
  • OID reporting
  • HR setup and reporting
  • Leave recording and reporting (Employee self-service)
  • Business Intelligence reports: Customised management reporting
  • Electronic payslips via Infoslips
  • Monthly UIF submission files
  • Payrolls on African countries
  • 3rd Party Payments
  • Bank & ID Validations

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