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Accounting Bureau Pricing

These pricing options are only available to certified Sage Business Cloud Accounting Advisers where the adviser has created the company under his/her own profile. These prices are only available on a monthly debit order. To apply, please email [email protected] and attach the following documents:

  • Proof of bank account (either a bank statement, or a letter from your bank confirming your banking details)
  • Completed debit order form: click here to download the form

The Sage Accountants team will process the application and will contact you to guide you through the process of creating companies under the various options. These prices are applicable from 1 October 2018.


Description  Price per Month 

Your suite of products to run your practice consists of:

  • Accounting Edition
  • 1 company, 2 users
  • 1GB storage Unlimited accountants edition users
  • 1 Time Tracker licence
  • 1 Multi Currency licence
@ no charge, provided you have at least 10 clients linked to you that are using Sage Business Cloud Accounting.

Additional companies  (Type 1)

Customers, suppliers, items, ledger processing, banking - full document processing.  


Additional companies (Type 2 and 3)

Ledger processing, customer and supplier journals, banking, no customer or supplier documents or items.


Additional companies (Type 4)

No processing task management only.
This is ideal for cases where your client is using other software such as Xpress, Partner, Quickbooks or other, but you would like to create them as a "placeholder" on your console in order to use the notes and tasks features available on the Accountants Edition as reminders.
Also ideal if a company liquidates, and although no processing will take place thereafter, you are obliged to keep the clients company records.


Multi Currency

Per additional licence


Time Tracker

Per additional licence

Per additional 1GB storage R14

Per additional user

You are provided with unlimited Accountants Edition users which would be used for your clerks/partners in your practice.
However you may want to create a company under your own profile for a client, and provide the client with access to his company. This will require you to create an additional 'normal' user.


Client pricing

Pricing for your clients who want to sign up for their own Sage Business Cloud company, and invite you as a user can be found on the pricing page on If your client invites you to access the company, this invite makes use of 1 of the 2 users they receive when signing up. Please remember that this has always been the reason we provide them with a second user for free - it's always been in the hope that they invite their accountant or bookkeeper!

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