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Moving away from complexity

With over 200 employees on several sites, RPS needed an HR management system to meet their needs and to support growth. Processes were complex and time consuming, reporting and communication were difficult. RPS wanted a new system they could customize to create bespoke reports, that was easy to learn and worked on mobile devices, and enabled staff to manage their own information.

We were expecting to be told what we can and can’t do. Instead, we were asked how we wanted it to work based on the way we work, using our workflows with our Rocketship language.

Dynasti Hunt
former Vice Principal

An HR solution that is practical, adaptable, and flexible

The team at RPS used a thorough process to find the best HR system for their needs, and Sage People stood out for its flexibility and customer service. RPS now provides immediate and accurate workforce reporting, and because the system is simple to use, there has been 100 % adoption. Self-service functionality has increased productivity and the mobile capability is popular.

Sage’s help and support was fantastic, helping us think through what we had to do and then what we subsequently wanted to do. We also elected to have Sage’s training which was excellent, with great training guides and screenshots.

Dynasti Hunt
former Vice President

Better HR means better outcomes for all

The team is clear about the return on investment from Sage People in productivity terms, but is quick to point out that its primary value lies in connecting people. Sage People has freed the HR team to focus on supporting those who deliver education. In doing so, they directly contribute to securing better futures for young people.

The return on investment of having Sage People has been huge for us. It’s no longer about transactions ; it’s more about the people connection.

Dynasti Hunt
former Vice President

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