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Keep on top of absence management and reduce sick leave with HR software from Sage

Absenteeism will eat into your profits, so it’s important to track attendance for business performance and staff wellbeing.

Why use employee absence management software ?

Your staff are the foundation of your business. Seeing how your employees use their time and any absence patterns provides valuable insight into how your company is functioning, where there might be room for improvement and which staff members might need extra support.

While trust is imperative for a good relationship between you and your employees, using attendance tracker software has many benefits for both parties. Bosses are able to see where there may be a problem with absenteeism while employees that put in extra hours can be recognised, either as going above and beyond their responsibilities or as needing additional support and resources. 

An attendance register also makes sure that everyone gets paid accurately and on time, boosting morale and increasing productivity.

Attendance tracking software works by tracking the time employees spend on different projects, eliminating much of the human error that occurs when people submit their hours manually. This data is collected and analysed automatically by the software, minimising compliance risks and saving HR and payroll professionals countless hours of time traditionally spent on data entry.

Staff absence management best practices

When it comes to reducing sick leave, it’s important to understand the reasons behind above-average absenteeism. While most people take time off due to legitimate health reasons, it’s also important to rule out the possibility of sick leave abuse, or time theft. Attendance register software eliminates the guesswork from this process, as it helps managers measure sickness absence and detect patterns that are indicative of potential abuse. 

For those employees suffering with different medical ailments, the best ways to reduce sick leave include:

  • Creating a culture that encourages a healthy work-life balance
  • Having a clear policy for absences
  • Implementing wellness programmes

Wellness programmes support employees’ well-being with things like voluntary health assessments, occupational health facilities and opportunities for flexible work.

As for annual leave, it’s important to encourage employees to spread out their holidays across the year rather than saving them up. Taking regular breaks from work will keep their well-being and motivation levels high throughout the year. You should also be mindful of how many people are taking annual leave simultaneously to ensure business continuity.

Turning down holiday requests can be badly received, so it’s important to have a clear practice in place for accepting requests, such as ‘first come, first served’. An annual leave tracker makes sure everyone knows when people are on leave and makes the holiday request approval process fairer and clearer for everyone.


How software can help you with attendance tracking

Introducing HR system software from Sage to your attendance tracking process helps by automating much of the work. It allows you to track and report attendance online and acts as a real-time, single source of information on absences. Our HR software is cloud-based, meaning that employees can access the attendance register from any location and on any device.

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