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Eliminate paperwork and manual data entry

Bookkeeping automation for effective accounting firms.  Switch to automated real-time bookkeeping, leave ineffective manual data entry
in the past.


  Accounting, Document management


  Non-Industry Specific

  Small business

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Through Datamolino, our goal is to provide accounting firms with light tools for heavy work, tools that enable them to do their business comfortably, reduce ineffective processes and increase the impact of their work on their clients’ business decisions.

Automate your data entry.  Save hours on managing supplier invoices and receipts.  Datamolino reads key data from your bills and sends them to your Sage Business Cloud Accounting account.

Data entry without the pain of manual retyping. Let Datamolino handle the data entry of supplier invoices and receipts. Datamolino finds and extracts all key data on bills, invoices and receipts automatically. Data is prepared for import into your Accounting account for immediate use. In Datamolino you can have all your bills, invoices and receipts in one place. Simply upload your invoices and Datamolino automatically organises them into a searchable archive. Save hours on the management, storage and retrieval of documents.

Are you an accountant? Collect your client’s accounts payable documents in Datamolino and provide full visibility over their financial records. Easily share and comment on files that need attention to keep everyone informed and speed up invoice processing.


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