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Accounting and Customer Success on one platform
Configure Sage Live to meet your unique requirements and smash the walls between the front and back-office.
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We implement Sage Live to provide a complete business and accounting solution on the Salesforce platform, allowing you to connect the sales and financial aspects of your business on one platform.
Adding multidimensionality requires thoughtful preparation to provide the data structures and reporting to analyze, manage, and operate your business. Our teams, with deep experience in Salesforce and accounting systems help you connect your front-office applications with back-office general ledgers and accounts to run your business.
Veltig helps you optimize your operations, delight your users, and liberate your data by successfully adopting Salesforce. Whether you’re new to Salesforce, looking to expand, or integrate with other systems, rely on Veltig.
The Veltig team takes pride in the work we do, and the success of our customers defines our business. Our knowledge, experience, and innovation in business and technology guides our thinking, your success is our mission.

You will also be able to run your business from anywhere with total usability across smartphones, tablets, and other supported devices and role-based mobility and workflows are easier to manage than ever before.

We help you transform accounting system into a dynamic accounting engine to make faster, more insightful decisions using multidimensional interactivity to view your results.
Business Consulting, Custom Application Development, Systems Integration, Training


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