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The worldwide leader in cloud POS.

Faster, more efficient bookkeeping with Sage Business Cloud Accounting and Epos Now


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We are one of the fastest growing, most exciting businesses in the UK.


Launched in 2011, Epos Now was founded on a belief that all businesses and entrepreneurs should be able to leverage the power of both cloud computing and modern technology to power their businesses. We help to improve both the lives of our customers and their businesses.

Epos Now has helped over 30,000 customers take control of their business and increase revenue with our innovative cloud-based POS solutions.  Our award winning retail and hospitality systems are sold as single units all the way up to thousands, all with a satisfaction rating of 9/10.

Staff can be trained in 15 minutes and the cloud-based platform can be accessed from anywhere, allowing you to monitor your business and bespoke reports in real time. Connect to hundreds of applications including Sage, payment systems, online ordering platforms and CRM’s.

Access the entire management system from any device, anywhere in the world, allowing you complete visibility and control of your business, your inventory and your staff.

Easily add or edit products, start a spontaneous promotion or access our AppStore through our award-winning and easy to use web-based Back Office.

Get an instant overview of your business across all of your locations and devices. Provide real-time product, sales and employee performance information from anywhere, at anytime and on any device.

Set individual and customised dashboards to access your key information quickly (KPIs) without having to run custom reports.

Set different authorisation levels for each of your staff to control discount levels and restrict who can offer refunds or void sales. Monitor discount-levels by employee in the Back Office.

Protect yourself from employee fraud, by preventing unauthorised access to the system through pin number or staff swipe cards and by keeping sensitive information like profit margins hidden.

Sage Integration
Epos Now integrates with Sage to ensure that your accounts are accurate in real-time. Your sales, customer accounts and inventory are automatically synchronized between the two systems, reducing admin and removing human-error.



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