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Sage Live Implementation and Integration Partner

Apptituda is a Global Development Partner of Sage Live and Product Development Partner (PDP) of Salesforce. We are different, because we speed up the time to market for our Sage Live and Salesforce ISV customers

Apptituda is able to support you in the implementation of Sage Live. We have deep experience in all things Salesforce as well as in implementing Sage software, so you can trust us to effectively integrate your front-office applications with your back-office general ledgers.  

We’ll help you get the very best from Sage Live and when you need even more capability, we can help you benefit from the huge capabilities of the Salesforce AppExchange by creating an eco-system of cloud based apps which will support the growth and development of your business.

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Survey :
We will help review and check the use of an organisation’s business back office systems as part of their preparation and transition to Sage Live.

This can include analysis and report back with recommendations on the way forward for:
➔    Back Office Software Systems
➔    Accounting Functions
➔    Technical Support Needs
➔    Cloud Strategy

This can help make sure the scope and plans for a Sage Live implementation are well defined and therefore maximise success of the transition.

Setup :
We can help design, implement and transition a new Sage Live installation cleanly and efficiently.

This could include:
➔    Business Apps Design
➔    Sage Live Installation
➔    Other Cloud Apps Installation
➔    Operational Integration

With these steps, we will carry out a quick and effective transition to a streamlined set of cloud back office Apps, centred on Sage Live to run the back office business.

A new Sage Live based system will be low maintenance, but there may be additional business and support needs, including:
➔    Accounting Support
➔    Sage Live Support
➔    Cloud Apps Support
➔    IT Support

This gives an organisation access to a range of operational support and improvement functions.

Simon Ormston : +44 (0) 7918 748 999 | [email protected]
Stuart Mills : +44 (0) 7920 235 565| [email protected]

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