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A better way to access and interact with Sage Live reports

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LaunchWorks has been a Leading Analytics solutions company for 8 years providing a bridge between BI platforms and cloud applications.

Making better decisions from Sage Live data does not require you to switch applications or export data into other platforms. Report Launch for Sage provides a better way to access, interact, personalize and export reports.

•    Report Launch allows you to interact with Sage reports from Sage Live, and multiple other BI platforms in one application. The application leverages the authentication layer from your Sage so you do not need to maintain two sets of permissions for a user.

•    Pivot your Sage Live data without exporting.  Report data can be sliced/diced and then exported in multiple formats including PDF, XLSX, CSV, PPT, and more.

•    Each user can personalize reports without having to save new copies of the original template.  Change columns, change sorts, pivot, switch to graph mode, add visual alerts and then apply those settings on the refreshed data.

•    Access your Sage and reports and even other BI platforms (e.g. SAP BusinessObjects®) in a single interface. No more switching between different applications to access your reports.

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