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DashboardStream, LLC is a provider of inventory management solution that simplifies and ease operational complexity for the small business.
We're committed to providing our customers with advanced and yet simply most affordable solution, so they will be able to be productive, cost-effective and achieve more with less.
Our passion is in solving obscured difficulties of modern day-to-day life of small business primarily focusing on automation, minimalism, usefulness and simplification.

DataQlick is an inventory management cloud-based software fully integrated with Sage accounting platform.
It provides dynamically calculated Reorder points and automatically assigns color-coded status flags for each product – Understock, Near Reorder, Overstock… Manage your stock singlehandedly.
Instant preview of last 6 months of sales are always aligned with future 6-months forecasted purchase recommendations. Make decisions on the fly.
Create Bundles (Kits) and manage assemblies with work orders. Automated aggregated bundle purchasing cost. DataQlick will calculate and forecast purchases accurately for every bundled component no matter in how many bundled product this component participates.
Get your records straight with Moving Average costing method for COGS.
Setup and manage multiple Store and Warehouse locations in 30 min or less. Transfer inventory between multiple locations with few clicks.
Get instant view of full Comprehensive Analysis. Track and export performance by item, customer, sales person, department or store location to identify sales trends early and respond intelligently to boost your bottom line. Visualize it with beautiful charts.

DataQlick intended to eliminate double and redundant work. It saves time and makes all complex tasks super easy and simple.

User just need to connect DataQlick with Sage account and all data will be transferred automatically. Expand your capabilities with quick start in 15 minutes or less.

Tel:  +1-408-357-9597 
E-mail:  [email protected]


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