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Automated Payments & Reconciliation

Make all of your business payments using WayPay without the hassle of manual reconciliation and journal entry updates in your Sage software. 


  Expense management, Billing and Invoicing


  Non-Industry Specific

  Small business, Midsized business

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The inefficiencies of making business payments with hand-written cheques have been a business concern for some time. While the process is time-consuming at the front end, reconciliation of accounts and receivable can also be challenging.


Improving that process formed the foundation of WayPay.


Our team of business professionals set about to create a more streamlined payment solution.  WayPay is a fast, easy and cost-effective way to pay and manage all the business expenses of an organization digitally.


Our mission was to make business payments simple and more cost effective – and that is what still drives everyone in our organization each and every day.
WayPay is the only payments platform in Canada that allows businesses to connect their bank accounts and credit cards to easily make payments for any and all of their expenses, directly from Sage Business Cloud Accounting or Financials.
Sign into WayPay using your existing Accounting or Financials credentials.  No WayPay sign-up necessary!  
All of your suppliers and bill payment details will automatically sync with WayPay.
WayPay works with every Canadian Bank, Credit Union and Credit Card.  Securely connect your bank accounts and/or credit cards to view all account balances in real time.
Select your preferred method of payment or leverage WayPay’s massive supplier database which will intelligently recommend the most efficient and cost effective way for you to make supplier payments.
You can decide when and from what accounts you wish to fund approved payments.  WayPay will also allow you to select multiple sources of funds so you can pull from several bank accounts and/or credit cards at once and combine into single payments without impacting how your supplier currently gets paid.
After payment has been made, WayPay will automatically sync and reconcile with your Sage Accounting or Sage Financials account and close out all related journal entries. 
It’s really that easy to make business payments!

To enable payments from WayPay, users must have Canadian Bank/Credit Union Account(s) and/or Canadian Credit Card(s)

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Financials, Accounting

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