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Simplify the invoice process. Send or receive invoices directly with Sage One – from your suppliers or to your customer’s cloud accounting system. Link4 delivers invoices instantly from one cloud accounting system to another. There is nothing to install and no additional processes. It is seamless.
Link4 Dashboard
Use the Link4 dashboard to gain more insights into the health of your accounts. Business inteligence that can help you make informed and accurate decisions.
Manage Your Customers
You can invite your customers to connect with you on Link4 with our automated messages. Customise the invitations. Specify the logo and email address used to communicate with your customer. You can send a reminder email to your customer to join your network on Link4.
Manage Your Suppliers
Invite your suppliers to send their invoices direct to your accounting system for more accurate, fast and convenient invoicing. Assign a default account for your supplier. Do away with manual data entry. More accurate than scanning apps.
Manage Your Invoices
Track the status of the invoices that you have sent through Link4. You will be able to track the status of the email notification sent to your customer.

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