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Every Successful business needs to know their numbers!

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My Business Manager is an integrated Dashboard and Management Reporting tool that incorporates Budgets, Forecasts, Cashflow, KPIs, Consolidations and Business Plans, providing a complete suite of business management solutions.
My Business Manager is suitable for;

   *   Businesses
   *   Accountants who wish to provide Business Advisory Services. 

We completely automate the processes to improve management reporting and help to interpret the data from accounting systems in a way that helps Businesses to make good decisions.
Our Budget Builder module is fully featured with budget-level and account-level toolboxes that will help to build meaningful budgets within 30 minutes.

Once you also have a Balance Sheet budget, we now have the foundations to create Cashflow Forecasts for the next 5 years, month by month.

For Business owners that own more than one entity, we have a simple yet complete Consolidation process that will reduce hours of work down to a few minutes per month.
The MBM Dashboard Builder uses drag-and-drop to help you to build beautiful dashboards in minutes and our graphical Management reports, using red and green arrows will help to explain business results that can be understood by everyone.
We are also open to developing tailored solutions and adding functionality that businesses need.

My Business Manage is suitable for:
  -  Business Owners and Managers
  -  Accountants who provide monthly reporting services
  -  Accountants who wish to provide Business Advisory services
  -  Financial Planners who wish to add true value-add services
  -  Business Consultants and Business Coaches
  -  Bookkeepers

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Contact: (EMEA & USA)
               +44 (0) 7891 747 459
                 [email protected]

               (Asia & Rest of World)
                +61 7 5641 1628
                 [email protected]
                 [email protected]
                  Skype - mybusinessmanager


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