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Today it’s a task, tomorrow it could be revenue.

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Introducing the award winning U.S. Bank AP Optimizer. The first fully integrated accounting and payables tool, AP Optimizer, consolidates diverse payment transactions into a single payment solution. You’ll spend less time on low-value tasks, while gaining improved financial visibility and cost control.
2 Great Tools in 1 solution!

Spend Optimizer Tool:

   *  Easily identify the best times to pay suppliers based on
       readily available data on cash flow and payables

   *  Benchmark your payables cost against industry averages
       and see opportunities
 to reduce costs
   *  Click “Learn More” to request a payables optimization   

   *  All Sage Live users 

Consolidated Payables Tool:

   *  Manage all payment types: ACH, wire, check or card
   *  Schedule payments in advance and view current status
   *  Pay with the click of a button
   *  No IT work required for setup
   *  U.S. Bank Customers only 

Get up and running quickly!  The AP Optimizer can deployed immediately, eliminating the time and cost barriers of IT integration.

Start optimizing your payments and cash flow right away!

Optimizer is available to all interested Sage Live customers, however the payables portion is only available to US Bank customers.

Silvia Aldana-Tuggle
Partner Management | Middle Market Product, Commercial Payments
p. 602-682-7561 | [email protected]


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