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  Canada, France, Ireland, Spain, UK, US, Germany

  Non-Industry Specific

  Midsized business

 $50 /user/month  ----  Non-profit organization pricing $35 /user/month

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Efficiently plan collaborative budgets and measure the financial stability of your organization with line item budgetary tracking and real-time reporting with actual/planned data analysis.
Free your Organization from Spreadsheet Budgeting Frustrations

CloudBudget is powerful and comprehensive budgeting app that is native.
Move beyond Excel spreadsheet budgeting limitations and say goodbye to formula errors, version control confusion, permission difficulties, and inconsistent data.
CloudBudget – Sage Live gives you the ability to build a complete financial contour for planning, setting controls for actuals, and tracking differences between budget vs actual.
The combined solution automatically allows you to import actuals into CloudBudget and to export planned data directly into Sage Live to set budget controls, and to produce real-time, dynamic reports that give management a clear picture of your organization.
Planning in the CloudBudget Just Makes Sense

- light implementation process (starting from 1-2 weeks)
- enjoy having all data in one place
- set permissions to any level
- integrated with Sage Live and Salesforce CRM. Easy integration
   with all apps
- coordinate and communicate with your team via a robust workflow
   and Salesforce Chatter
- oversee the planning process in real-time via the Approvals Report
- scalable and secure

Budget and Track Planned and Actual Data
- revenue
- operating expenses
- employee related expenses and charges
- taxes
- cash inflows and outflows
    (Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable)
- borrowings
- fixed Assets
CloudBudget – Sage Live Reporting

- dynamic reports on the chart of accounts and dimensions levels
  with both planned and actual data mapped to each other
- profit and loss
- balance sheet items
- export to Excel

Computer and Internet connection

917 940 9328 / [email protected]


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