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DATADEC WMS automates all your Warehouse´s processes. 100% integrated with X3.

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  France, Ireland, Spain, UK, Germany

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DATADEC WMS allows the companies to focus on the processes and make them automatically.
As a consequence, DATADEC WMS has huge quantity of functionality:

   *  100% integrated with SAGE X3.
   *   Chaotic, Conventional.
   *   Crossdocking.
   *   Automatically task order generation. WMS organizes all
       the operator’s tasks
           -  Tasks are grouped in profiles.
           -  In each profile, there is a priority definition of the tasks
              such as receiving material, locating, picking, replenishment, etc.
           -  They can be limited in a working area.
   *   Control of resources. The system controls:
           -  Free status.
           -  Allowance of user.
           -  Task which requires the resource.
           -  Weight to be moved, Areas, and so on.
   *   Concatenated rules. Use different criteria for filtering locations
        or sort them depending on parameters like to refill some not
        completed pallets, FEFO, FIFO, ABC, proximity, weight,
        dimensions, etc.
           Two types:
             -  Locating. It uses the rules to get the best location where
                the good should be stored.
             -  Issuing. Get the good from the best location in your warehouse.
   *   Areas definition. Split in areas with its own definition,
         such as chaotic, conventional, refrigerated, ABC,  product
         categories, virtual

   *   Issuing: Picking route (using different criteria), picking waves
        and both at the same time in different areas
   *   Control when loading the transport.
   *   Logistics groups. Define all the packages you can handle in the warehouse.
   *   Inventory, cycling, counts in the moment
   *   Lot, expiration date. Algorithm for fussioning lots.

V9 and up is available to be connected by using webservices (Rest).
Bellow V9, boths systems can be connected by using DbLink.
For WMS, a server web and server application are necessary.
Any WMS system needs RF.


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