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DATADEC WMS automates all your Warehouse´s processes. 100% integrated with Enterpise Management

Complete solution for managing warehouses with Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management.


  Business Management Solution, Inventory, Shipping

  France, Ireland, Spain, UK, Germany

  Non-Industry Specific


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As ERP manufacturers for more than 30 years, we have the widest catalog of solutions for your company. 


We are pioneers in CLOUD, with more than 18 years of experience in cloud solutions and ERP CLOUD.
DATADEC WMS allows the companies to focus on the processes and make them automatically.
As a result, DATADEC WMS has huge quantity of functionality:

   *  100% integrated with Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management

   *   Chaotic, Conventional

   *   Crossdocking

   *   Automatically task order generation. WMS organizes all the operator’s tasks
           -  Tasks are grouped in profiles.
           -  In each profile, there is a priority definition of the tasks
              such as receiving material, locating, picking, replenishment, etc.
           -  They can be limited in a working area

   *   Control of resources. The system controls:
           -  Free status.
           -  Allowance of user
           -  Task which requires the resource.
           -  Weight to be moved, Areas, and so on

   *  Concatenated rules. Use different criteria for filtering locations
        or sort them depending on parameters like to refill some not
        completed pallets, FEFO, FIFO, ABC, proximity, weight,
        dimensions, etc.
           Two types:
             -  Locating. It uses the rules to get the best location where
                the good should be stored.
             -  Issuing. Get the good from the best location in your

   *   Areas definition. Split in areas with its own definition,
         such as chaotic, conventional, refrigerated, ABC,  product
         categories, virtual

   *   Issuing: Picking route (using different criteria), picking waves
        and both at the same time in different areas

   *   Control when loading the transport

   *   Logistics groups. Define all the packages you can handle
        in the warehouse

   *   Inventory, cycling, counts in the moment

   *   Lot, expiration date. Algorithm for fussioning lots

V9 and up is available to be connected by using webservices (Rest).
Bellow V9, boths systems can be connected by using DbLink.
For WMS, a server web and server application are necessary.
Any WMS system needs RF.

English, Spanish

Enterprise Management

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