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The Ultimate Cash Flow Management


  Reporting & Forecasting

  Canada, US, Australia

  Non-Industry Specific

  Small business, Medium-sized business

 $1,500 per year for 5 users

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CashPundit was conceived and developed by a team of CPA's and finance professionals who were experiencing challenges managing cash flows in their respective companies. They could not find a  Cash Flow Management (CFM) application in the market that could address their cash flow challenges.  As a result, they got together and developed CahsPundit, a ‘one stop solution’ for managing cashflow.

CashPundit is the world’s first cloud based award-winning Cash Flow Management (CFM) software. CashPundit is like a CRM for Cash Flow Management. It syncs with accounting / ERP software and fetches the required data seamlessly without the need to manually enter or upload the data. 

CashPundit has won 9 international awards and has been a finalist in 6 international award programs.



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