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The smarter way to manage receipts and invoices
The Neat software platform provides small businesses with the ability to quickly enter or import and convert document images into a digital data format. Neat organizes and categorizes the data to satisfy accounting and taxes business reporting needs.


  Expense management, Document management, Data integration


  Financial Services

  Small business

 Neat Premium: $14.99/mo or $119.99/yr

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Established in 2002, The Neat Company focused on simplifying the tasks of reducing paper clutter and receipt scanning, document digitization, and data entry through award-winning document scanning products. Our evolution has brought The Neat Company into a broader scope with a focus on developing small business software solutions that address a wider set of needs in the ever-changing small business environment.
Neat makes it easier for small businesses to get their important information where it needs to go – whether it is invoice information to accounting software or receipt information to expense reports. The key data from these documents is automatically identified and the software integrates with popular applications to help streamline accounting, bookkeeping and tax prep workflows. 

Neat’s integrated platform allows users to capture documents from scanners, email, web pages, mobile device and more and then search, access, and share the content from those documents from any computer, smartphone or tablet. Workflows are optimized and time is saved by having a simple way to aggregate and process important information.
With Neat and Sage One, manual data entry will be eliminated and business processes maximized.  Connecting Neat to Sage One is simple and only requires three steps—signing in, authorization and mapping.  Receipts can be sent directly to Sage One as expenses and invoices as purchase invoices. 

  • Neat Premium or Business Subscription
  • Microsoft® Windows 7 or higher (32 or 64-bit)
  • Mac OS 10.7 or higher**
  • Pentium® IV 2.0+ GHz or faster (Dual Core recommended)
  • 1 GB RAM required for installation; 2 GB available disk space highly recommended

888-898-3253 / [email protected]



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