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Sage Marketplace · ARTIFFEX (Powered by Ndex Systems)

ARTIFFEX (Powered by Ndex Systems)

The Digital transformation service for the accounting industry

  Canada, US

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Artiffex’s universal data conversion service is a financial data integration platform designed specifically for the accounting industry.
The Artiffex software imports, digitizes, organizes and renders immediately useful the information found within periodic investment, banking, and insurance policy statements regardless of institutional source and format (paper or electronic), including: information derived from any 3rd-party financial institution web portals and more than 140 custodians in the US and Canada.
The data can then be utilized to automatically reconcile client accounts, and generate a comprehensive list of reports for tax preparation. From the digitized data all of the journal entries can seemlesslly be exported  to Sage.
Artiffex can reduce by up to 90% data-entry time and margins of error associated with the manual preparation of information required to produce income tax returns including. Accountants  Work that used to take days and hours now takes minutes.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.0 + (128 bit encryptions)
 If you are not able to use Internet Explorer 10 because of software or hardware limitations (IE10 requires Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or higher in order to install), feel free to consider other browsers; the most recommended are:
  • Google Chrome v43.0+ or Mozilla Firefox v38.1+
For a PDF upload, if using Google Chrome, ensure the PDF viewer or adobe reader plug-ins are ‘always allowed.

Contact: Guy Vadish, +1.514.288.0908 x.102 // +1. 514.262.9855
[email protected]

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