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Integrated Warehouse Automation


  Canada, US

  Non-Industry Specific


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Merchant QuikPAK™ is a seamlessly Integrated Warehouse Automation and Shipping Software Platform (WASSP) designed to extend and automate key order fulfilment stages not natively available in Sage X3 U9.
Merchant QuikPAK features a wide range of features to automate the waving, picking, packing and shipping of Sage X3 sales orders based on Sage X3’s inventory allocation settings.
Merchant QuikPAK includes "out of the box" configurable auto-packing rules for pre-packed shipments and supports the use of RF handheld barcode scanners (Motorola, Zebra, Windows Tablets) to drive greater productivity and reduce operational costs.

In addition, Merchant QuikPAK comes bundled with its own print engine to produce pick slips, packing slips, packing labels, and VBOL documentation.
Merchant QuikPAK also supports a configurable connector to Process Weaver enabling the seamless exchange of small parcel and “less than a truckload” carrier data for Sage X3 shipments



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